Rembrandt: First Impressions

Rembrandt: First Impressions

Gary D. Schwartz

Language: English

Pages: 96

ISBN: 2:00295257

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Developed especially for young readers, this addition to the First Impressions Introduction to Art series is an exciting biography of one of the world's great artists. It reveals what Rembrandt was really like, how he earned a living in 17th-century Holland, and what qualities of his work make him one of the great artists of all time.
54 illustrations, 32 in full color.

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as two as ranging from to five He week. a charged high guilders for a head fifty hundred guilders full-length portrait. At for a life-size, as Rem- this rate, much brandt was able to earn as week painting prices, Amsterdam portraits in he had earned for a complicated bibli- Henry on painting for Frederick cal in a which he sometimes worked, on and for years. Once again, as when off, he started painting for the court, Rembrandt's career took a giant leap forward.

When commissions adopted an artist, And Rembrandt gave them sudden rise to three and twenty-eight, art world. And other people noticed and talked about it. plenty to talk about. His paintings and etchings much enjoyment but also provided material not only for debate. His these important brokers of art fame and riches, we and between the ages of twenty- was the most spectacular success his personal life, as for discussion shall very story in the Dutch soon learn, was always

the gossip lying down. He sued Saskia's relative, claiming that he and his wife were blessed with "superabundant wealth (for which they cannot be thankful enough of Saskia's inheritance to live as well as to the they did. Lord)" and had no need He lost the case, but his Rembrandt's house Breestraat in a museum in in the Amsterdam is which nearly today all of the artist's etchings are on display. 56 1 Cornelis Claesz. Anslo and Aeltje Gerritsdr. Schouten . 1641. In

and he said, "The lady claims I slept with her 2 it!" court believed Geertge without proof, and although tar as to her. order Rembrandt to marry her, hundred guilders The a year for support. did order it him it did not go as to pay her two tight turned very ugly, and at a given point Rembrandt conspired with Geertges brother to have her put away in a penal institution. years, some year, from old friends of hers and were able protests. She was given The to Edam

earning. While still for him, for living at home, within ten years after leaving high school, Rembrandt was a success. Rembrandt's career had a lot going for it: he had more money than most of his colleagues, a superior education and training, excellent connections, lots of self-confidence, a generous measure of intelligence and talent, ideas of his own about What he did own life. He art, and ambition and daring. not have, as earned we shall see, much money who

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