Rebels Resurgent: Fredericksberg to Chancellors

Rebels Resurgent: Fredericksberg to Chancellors

Time-Life Books

Language: English

Pages: 184

ISBN: 2:00269517

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Time-Life Civil War Series 13 of 27

A gripping, comprehensive account of the Civil War, including eyewitness testimony, profiles of key personalities, period photographs, illustrations and artifacts, and detailed battle maps. Fully researched, superbly written.

The Time Civil War Series is a great comprehensive overview of the the Civil War from the causes up through reconstruction. Rebels Resurgent: Fredericksburg to Chancellorsville is a essential part of this series as this is the period when Lee's Army of Northern Virginia was at its best, not only defeating the Army of the Potomac, but literally fighting circles around them despite being at an extreme numerical disadvantage.

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commanders. Their advice was unanimous, and Burnside relented; there would be no steps, and within, almost further attacks. at her feet, four more! So, with wild eyes and face lighted by her smokv candle, she stared across the dead At noon, General Burnside held another council of war. It was decided to withdraw The Debacle on Marye's Heights p 90 i i * The Phillips House, near Falmouth, used by Burnside as his headquarters during and after the battle, accidentally caught

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was so confident that Hooker was not going to attack that he ordered Anderson's and division to leave Chancellorsville force McLaws at Salem Church. sion, which had withdrawn rein- Early's divi- to a position 4 miles southwest of Fredericksburg, was or- dered to reoccupy the town. This only left — the three divisions of Jackold corps — keep watch on Hooker's 25,000 son's men to 75,000. But Lee had taken Hooker's measure by On now and thought the risk small. morning of May

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