Race Against Time: Searching for Hope in AIDS-Ravaged Africa (CBC Massey Lecture)

Race Against Time: Searching for Hope in AIDS-Ravaged Africa (CBC Massey Lecture)

Stephen Lewis

Language: English

Pages: 208

ISBN: 0887847536

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In 2000, the United Nations laid out a series of eight goals meant to guide humankind in the new century. Called the Millennium Development Goals, these targets are to be met by 2015 and are to lay the foundation for a prosperous future. In Race Against Time, Stephen Lewis advances real solutions to help societies across the globe achieve the Millennium Goals. Through lucid, pragmatic explanations, he shows how dreams such as universal primary education, a successful war against the AIDS pandemic, and environmental sustainability, are within the grasp of humanity. For anyone interested in forging a better world in the third millennium, Race Against Time is powerful testimony.

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entered 2002, children orphaned by AIDS had begun to overwhelm African countries, and it was felt that in addition to the summit, the key players had best be brought together at some separate point during the year to confront the escalating crisis. I was by then firmly in the envoy role, and again Carol asked me to try to persuade Madiba and Graça to effectively “host” a meeting on orphans in Johannesburg in the fall. So Madiba, Graça, and I had another lunch, this time in New York during the

abandon — to a speech which doesn’t always translate comfortably to the page. I readily admit that it was difficult to find a rapprochement between the spoken and the written word. These are five separate lectures, delivered in five separate cities. There will therefore be some redundancy and the occasional clunky-sounding word or phrase — the eccentricities of speaking. Second, because the due date for the writing of the book significantly preceded the delivery of the lectures themselves, I was

the process, rescue women from the cauldron of AIDS. It constitutes a tremendous opportunity for the United Nations to move the sputtering engine of gender equality from neutral into high gear. I’m advancing this broad proposal for a women’s agency in the hope that somewhere, some country, perhaps one of the Nordics, will run with it. I’m proposing it because sometimes at the United Nations, when you hammer home a position time and again, ad nauseam, a modest variation of that position is

orphan situation in seventeen countries in Africa, and we’re told it has potential plans for all. Everyone’s hope is that the new executive director of UNICEF, Ann Veneman — a former secretary of agriculture in the Bush cabinet — will take on orphans as the singular cause célèbre of her tenure. The orphan predicament is undoubtedly the greatest international challenge that children face. As part of the nuts and bolts of programming for the orphans, two fascinating dimensions of the response by

health and poverty are in a downward spiral, in significant part because of the policies of the government. Figures recently released by UNICEF showing the incalculable damage to children are truly shocking. The pandemic is particularly gruesome in Zimbabwe, and though President Mugabe has begun to speak out,the toll in a country with a prevalence rate of 25 percent seems to know no bounds. It becomes necessary, I think, for people in authority at the United Nations to convey to the president

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