Pursuit to Appomattox: The Last Battles

Pursuit to Appomattox: The Last Battles

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Language: English

Pages: 184

ISBN: 0809447894

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Time-Life Civil War Series 25 of 27

A gripping, comprehensive account of the Civil War, including eyewitness testimony, profiles of key personalities, period photographs, illustrations and artifacts, and detailed battle maps. Fully researched, superbly written.

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When some fire, their officers still reporting Federal troops stopped them, be- heving they were firing into their own pick- Colonel Napoleon B. McLaughlen, the Union commander responsible for the Fort Stedman line, rushed into the fort on hearing ets. the firing. "I crossed the parapet," recalled McLaughlen, "and meeting some men coming over the curtains, whom in the darkness I supposed to be a part of the picket, lished them I estab- inside the work, giving direc- tions with

nothing had happened." Before this colossal self-assurance, the Con- the attack had begun, the Confederate situa- federate said, seemed hopeless, and Lee sent orders for withdrawal. At the same time, the entire Federal cordon that had been thrown around derstood their situation, "and with one ac- the attackers began to advance. Once tion Gordon faced a new problem. The ground fire that it own lines as to stay cord agreed that our cause was lost." saw the review was over, Lincoln

"that Mr. Lincoln wanted Davis to escape, 'unbeknown' to him." — and As soon all dis- as the fighting stopped, the people of the South "would mon it at once be guar- their rights" as citizens of a com- country. "I want no one punished," Porter remembered him liberally all around. We saying; "treat them want those people to return to their allegiance to the Union and submit to the laws." There was Sherman's answer. That after- noon, he boarded a swift boat for the

wait. His patrols reported that Lee's wagon trains were al- ready pulling out of Amelia Court House; Brigadier General Henry E. Davies' troopers had found and destroyed 180 Confederate wagons and had captured five artillery pieces at Painesville, a crossroads seven miles northwest of Amelia. Moreover, Sheridan did not want the Federal infantry to strike Lee in such a way that the Confederates could take to their heels again; he wanted to get in front and block them. Sheridan could not overrule

Corps skirmishers. pickets, it General Humphreys was about to attack Before the cease-fire was implemented, Confederate artillery fire caused a few final casualties at Appomattox. Private William Montgomery, 15 years old, of the 155th Pennsylvania (below) was mortally wounded; Lieutenant Hiram Clark of the 185th New York was killed (right). "A group of sad-eyed officers gathered around the body," said a witness to Clark's it seemed, under the circumstances, a particularly hard fate." death,

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