Power Prospecting: Different is the new great

Power Prospecting: Different is the new great

Will Harris

Language: English

Pages: 170

ISBN: 0988519232

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Different is the new great - the subtitle captures the essence of the power of prospecting.  You must be different to be great at prospecting.  Every day decision makers are approached in the same way by multiple people. This book shows how anyone can gain the knowledge to be best at prospecting. You learn how to capture the attention of your target market and convert them to customers. You may think cold calling sucks, but tap into your original self and prospective customers will not think you suck.  Power Prospecting uses simple but powerful techniques to view cold calling and prospecting in a different way...an exciting way!

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me what would give you confidence that this is the right decision?” You may word it differently, but your ultimate goal is to get them to “think” for you. Keep in mind, some Thinkers will never make a decision. Based on the response you receive, you can determine whether this Thinker fits that category. A great sales person is also able to identify a “No” quicker than most. It is always a challenge not getting lost while trying to help a Thinker find their will to say “Yes”. Overview The

with my recommendation?” If she says: “Well, no….” then you have objections to overcome and further selling to do. If she says yes, then she just gave you permission to help her close your deal. 2. Change Job Roles – Once your prospect agrees they would choose you, then your role changes from Sales Person to Sales Trainer. You begin to ask questions to prepare your liaison to represent you in the best way. Questions like: “What would he [the decision maker] like most about what we discussed?

many lost sales. Failed Attempt Message to Prospect, Sales Intent, Misdirection The failed attempt has the two sides of the triangle collapse on the conversation and the prospect says NO. Prospecting Triangle Sales Intent, Message to Prospect, Sales Direction The Prospecting Triangle is well structured and gets the prospect in a position where there is no choice but to move forward in confidence. Intent: The top IT managers that I have worked with. Message: Utilize me to

Alternative Statement, handle the objection they throw at you or gain their assistance with getting them out of your funnel. It is projected that the majority of the people you call will not engage with you immediately. The goal is to identify those who will engage. Additionally, this voicemail strategy helps you filter the ‘real’ from the ‘never will’. You cannot address what you will not confront. Voicemail Hell One of my students sent me a recording of a prospect’s voicemail and asked

provides the greatest company growth. Identify which of the five areas hold your strategic leverage. Assess, Plan, and Grow in one of the five core areas of Strategic Leverage. Partnering for Profit: Sales Marketing & Partnering This book assesses your market position and guides alignment with vertical non-competitive partners. It helps you proactively identify gaps to long term sustainability and which partner characteristics are most needed to support your success. The book helps you plot a

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