Playboy's Party Jokes 5

Playboy's Party Jokes 5

Editors of Playboy Magazine

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If you're one of the more than five million people who bought Playboy's Party Jokes, More Playboy's Party Jokes, Still More Playboy's Party Jokes and New Playboy's Party Jokes, you'll want to add to your laugh-filled library with this - our fifth and funniest collection of new jokes, limericks, cartoons and Femlins.

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he ma n complied , b ut th e fi rst night brought no reactio n. On the second evening he gave his wife two pi lls bu t sti ll no reactio n. O n the third nig ht he gave her half the bo ttle and, in disgust, swallowed the rest hirnself. Soon, his wife stretched o u t la n guorously on the couch . "Oh, darlin g," she said. "I wa nt a ma n." "That's funn y," said h e r husba nd , "so d o 1." Ou r L' nabashed Dictio naq· deli nes masturbation as doing you r ow n th ing. The no nchurchgoer's wife pe

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college. it was only a lot of fun. but now it's a riot. 160

college. it was only a lot of fun. but now it's a riot. 160

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