Penning Characters (More How To Draw Manga, Volume 2)

Penning Characters (More How To Draw Manga, Volume 2)

Kazuaki Morita, Yumiko Deguchi, Hiroko Shioda, Ushio, Takehiko Matsumo

Language: English

Pages: 131

ISBN: 2:00287991

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

It's time to learn the basics of inking and two indispensable stroke types: strokes with tapered and even ends. Combining tapered lines with blunt, even lines allows for the production of balanced artwork. Applying discretion in using tapered and even lines when drawing figures will help you establish whether a character is good or bad

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The Art of Drawing


















using the paint, wash the brush well. • Mistakes made with water-based technical pens and felt-tip pens are difficult to correct. *Use an oil-based product to correct waterbased materials. After/Final image *Oil-based products consist of correction pens, white ink pens, and liquid paper. 125 Artist•s P r o f i l e - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Hikaru Hayashi 1961 Born in Tokyo. 1986 Graduated with a degree in the Social Sciences and Humanities from Tokyo Metropolitan

books. In 1998 she began to participate on the production side with Graphic-sha and Go Office, starting with How to Draw Manga: Couples and continues such efforts today. J Go Office P r o f i l e - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Go Office was founded in May 1997 and has been specialzing in the production of tutorial resources using manga and illustrations, which include publications on How to Draw Manga series. \......... 126 g Graphic-sha Publishing Co., Ltd. us $19 .99 Vol.7 : AM AZ

ink, drafting ink, and India ink are those primarily used. If the ink becomes gummy, add water. The advantage of drafting ink is that it dries quickly. Nibs become worn as they are used. Once your old nib tips become permanently spread, and you are no longer able to draw a crisp line, replace the old with a new nib. When inking characters, switch nibs about every 2 to 4 sheets in the case of B4-sized paper (25.7 X 36.2 em or approx. 10" X 141 /4"). While India ink does take longer to dry than

drawing the shoulder blades. ing Lines to Reinforce Body Types c phasizing Curves • Drawing Slim Figures c.•" extensive - of diagonal solid s to ~~ an d Use as unmodulated lines as possible for the figure's contours. -=--e's hills ::::-: alleys. diagonal lines "' .:. ing) on and emeath the - emphasize the - of the breasts. Use a kabura or maru-pen. CD rill\ ~ Drawing the Back Use a G-pen to build up lines. Back with Back rendered in simple lines 69 ( Distinguishing Female

~;·~- ................ ~ ...... .. Standard eye The upper and Normally, when the eye When the eye is squeezed lower eyelids move is closed, the eyelashes shut, the eyelashes take on an both up and down. form a downward curve . upward curve, and creases -=-:---:---:-:---::-:-----::-:-:---=--~--:-:---::---:-----:-- form around the eye. (Changing the Size of the Eyes for Emotion Portrayal) Manga-style facial expression Dramatic Portrayals: Mouth and Eye Combinations I {/ #~ } J~ ~ ~ / ~ ff~ ~

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