Past All Dishonor

Past All Dishonor

James M. Cain

Language: English

Pages: 232


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

NY 1946 First and Second Editions Before Printing. Sm.8vo., 232pp., hardcover. VG in Good DJ, two small stains near folds, small closed tear on front fold, narrow chip at head of spine, a few chips along edges.

Lincoln: His Speeches and Writings

The American Civil War and the Wars of the Industrial Revolution (The History of Warfare)

Lincoln: His Speeches and Writings

Strangling the Confederacy: Coastal Operations in the American Civil War

The Devil's Own Work: The Civil War Draft Riots and the Fight to Reconstruct America

Been in the Storm So Long: The Aftermath of Slavery


















could feel him studying me, and he must have figured there was some lying to it somewhere, because he said: “Rodrigo, how you like to come work with me?” “In a mine? Would be pretty tough for me.” “Is only part.” “And what’s the rest of it?” “You hear me tonight? Make spich Mexican miner, on a corner, after liddle plinka-plank and liddle song? I start a union. Right here in Virginia City, I get thees men together, thees Mexican fallow, in miners’ union.” “You mean a loafing association.”

music, and kept an eye on things so nobody walked out or anything before I got around to what I was there for. Then after five or six selections, when Haines had got a big hand and he and Renny had sat down to the table again, I went in and walked over and clicked my heels in front of Morina. “Good evening, Miss Crockett.” “... Roger, what do you want?” “An engagement, whenever you’re free.” “What do you mean, engagement?” “Business.” “I told you once, no.” “That’s not what you told me.

and her hands I couldn’t see, but then came a hiss and the bang of a pot lid, and for three seconds the roar of all hell boiling. Then it was quiet, and her face relaxed, and she nodded. Mattiny came into the light beside her, and lifted off the pot. “Roger.” “Yes, Morina.” “This is going to hurt.” “Then send them away, Biloxi and the others. I can’t stand much more. If I bawl or something, I don’t mind if it’s only you, but I don’t want anybody else to see it.” “There’s nobody here but me.”

ground, and shivered. She wanted to go to one of those teamster places for the night, but I was bullheaded. If this was what we’d elected ourself to, we might as well get started on it, and if there was plenty we had to learn, we’d better learn it now than later. We were a sick-looking pair when we trotted into Folsom, but we knew what we had to buy. The first thing we got was two oilcloth pack covers, that we could lay on if that was all we needed, but could put up for a tent if we ran into

with a great red flower pinned to the belt, and a little bonnet with ribbons, like a poke bonnet except it was all black lace, and I just couldn’t bear fetching her there in a rowboat. The driver whistled when we pulled up at the shack, and she was something to see all right, as she came stepping out, holding up her skirt with both hands and looking so slim a breeze might blow her away. Talk stopped when we went in the Western for dinner, and all over the dining room you could hear them

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