One Zentangle A Day: A 6-Week Course in Creative Drawing for Relaxation, Inspiration, and Fun (One A Day)

One Zentangle A Day: A 6-Week Course in Creative Drawing for Relaxation, Inspiration, and Fun (One A Day)

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 1592538118

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

One Zentangle A Day is a beautiful interactive book teaching the principles of Zentangles as well as offering fun, related drawing exercises. Zentangles are a new trend in the drawing and paper arts world. The concept was started by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas as a way to practice focus and meditation through drawing, by using repetitive lines, marks, circles, and shapes. Each mark is called a "tangle," and you combine various tangles into patterns to create "tiles" or small square drawings. This step-by-step book is divided into 6 chapters, each with 7 daily exercises. Each exercise includes new tangles to draw in sketchbooks or on tiepolo (an Italian-made paper), teaches daily tile design, and offers tips on related art principles, and contains an inspirational "ZIA" (Zentangle Inspired Art) project on a tile that incorporates patterns, art principals, and new techniques.

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will be different than one that appears concave. Shapes that resemble circles or ovals, squares or rectangles, or a combination of these shapes, such as a cone, are what a string is composed of. Shading works the same whether the circle is a realistic apple or an abstract orb. A shape without shading is flat. Shadows on rectangular and square shapes need to be sharp. The third rectangle appears round because of the organic edge of the shadow. Notice the change in shading from the cone’s base to

need not be identical, just close enough to visually link. if the pattern is too identical, it will become boring, and the viewer will lose interest. Some variety must exist in patterns to capture and keep the viewer’s attention. Variety adds excitement and perks interest, but if overdone it can leave a piece feeling too busy, heavy, cluttered, and disjointed. any one of these feelings can overwhelm viewers, causing their interest to move on. Beelight Chillon Bales 1. 1. 1. 2. 2. 2. 3.

piece, I used the same color palette but chose the colors from the cool color wheel, adding a small amount of the complementary color to the color I wanted to darken created the darker colors. This was also painted using glazes that were mixed much darker than those for the previous tile. U n d e r s ta n d i n G a n d U s i n G co lo r 054-085_C67286.indd 77 054-085_28823.indd 77 (RAY) (Text) 77 8/7/12 9:37 AM 7/27/12 7:42 PM (F29)_Job: E07-28814/28823 Title: RP: One Zentangle A Day

tangling, you can easily expand upon it as you travel on your Zentangle journey. 13 001-021_28823.indd 13 001-021_C67286.indd 13 (RAY) (Text) 7/27/12 12:34 PM 8/6/12 7:19 PM (F29)_Job: E07-28814/28823 Title: RP: One Zentangle A Day E08-AC67286 #150 Dtp:160 Page:13 One of the wonderful things about Zentangle is that, like life, a Zentangle is always a work in progress. there is always another stroke that can be deliberately made, a new pattern to learn or invent to cover or transform an area

Patti euler ellen goZeling angie can be reached at, or you can visit her website or Cris letourneau Judy lehman Judy lehman is an experienced designer, and textile and fiber artist, who has toured and taught nationally and internationally, as well as an elementary art teacher. Judy, a certified zentangle teacher, saw the potential for zentangle to help students in

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