New Waves In Political Philosophy (New Waves in Philosophy)

New Waves In Political Philosophy (New Waves in Philosophy)

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Pages: 226

ISBN: 0230221238

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Comprising essays by eleven up-and-coming scholars from across the globe, this collection of essays provides an unparalleled snapshot of new work in political philosophy using such diverse methodologies as critical theory and social choice theory, historical analysis and conceptual analysis.

State Punishment: Political Principles and Community Values (International Library of Philosophy)

Republicanism: A Theory of Freedom and Government (New Edition) (Oxford Political Theory)

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Aristotle: Nicomachean Ethics, Books II-IV















rather an occasion for forming one body, providing voice, and touching victims, so that their pain may be experienced in other bodies as well.37 In Bourdieu as well as in Das, the reference to social suffering is supposed to participate in a dynamic of empowerment that is the answer to the lack of practical warrant. When critique refers to social suffering as an answer to a lack of practical and cognitive warrants, the theoretical critique is no longer a mere testifier, but a critical

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Property,” in Å. Carlson (ed.), Philosophical Aspects on Emotions, Stockholm: Thales, pp. 109–18. Halldenius, Lena (2007) “The Primacy of Right. On the Triad of Liberty, Equality, and Virtue in Wollstonecraft’s Political Thought,” The British Journal for the History of Philosophy, 15, 1, 75–99. Halldenius, Lena (2007a) “Liberty and Law. Institutional Circumstances of Freedom,” Redescriptions. Yearbook of Political Thought and Conceptual History, 11, 99–114. Haslanger, Sally (2000) “Gender and

political judgments. This is in part inspired by Argenson’s little discussed argument for democracy before the advent of modern representative democracy and liberalism, stripped of his assumptions regarding monarchy. Political Judgment Humans cannot escape the need to judge. In a variety of contexts we often exercise our power of judgment. We make perceptual judgments (“this table is brown”), aesthetic judgments (“this painting is beautiful”), legal judgments (“this person is guilty”), moral

Waves In Political Philosophy, Edited by Boudewijn de Bruin and Christopher Zurn 140 Kevin Olson requiring reflexive political agency as a basic condition of citizenship. Concrete, material standards of political equality are built into this view from the start, allowing it to produce a self-reinforcing form of political freedom. As such, it directly tackles problems of political inequality, rather than waiting for a culture of egalitarian norms to develop. This kind of materialism allows

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