Murder at Government House

Murder at Government House

Elspeth Huxley

Language: English

Pages: 248

ISBN: 0140112553

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Life at Government House in the African colony of Chania seems relaxed and booming though Olivia Brandeis, a young anthropologist, senses trouble brewing. And when the governor, Sir Malcolm McLeod, is found strangled at his desk, her intuition is proven sound.
Enter Superintendent Vachell. His interrogation removes the crust of calm from the local community. But it is not until Olivia relates her encounter with a tribal witchdoctor that the riddle surrounding the murder is solved.
"Secret societies, murder and mystery are set against the vivid African landscape in this crime classic from the author of THE AFRICAN POISON MURDERS and THE FLAME TREES OF THIKA." (Publisher's Source)

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voice on his left, 'that nearly all the usual topics of conversation are under a taboo in English society. Limits the penetrating voice; as the whir of a it field so, doesn't it?' It was a pierced the buzz rising from the table bombing squadron subdues the hum of bees on a summer's afternoon. 'Among M'Bole of Southern Nyasaland, for in'it would be a gross insult to invite a guest to a meal and fail to ask him whether his wives were fertile and if his girl children were still

are dissatisfied with their existing position; and I think they're definitely anti-European. There's been a suggestion that it is linked up in some way with the Watchtower movement, which was said to have fomented those riots on the copper mines in Northern Rhodesia a couple of years ago. Personally, I believe the Watchtower movement has been exaggerated, and I very much doubt if any such connexion with this Chania society exists, but that's only my own I opinion.' -57- Vachell nodded. The

looking pale but more composed. Mark suggested a game of slosh. 'Olivia and I will take you two on,' he said. 'She's hot stuff at slosh.' 'Thanks for the compliment,' Olivia remarked. 'Don't say you're beginning to discover that anthropologists have human attributes after all.' Mark chalked a billiard cue and I'd all forgotten entirely — and that's high praise. you think?' They played Olivia won What ought we slosh for a easily. smiled at her. 'Honestly, you were an anthropologist to

with the theory that he's the killer. In the first place, I'm certain it was the murderer's voice, and not Sir Malcolm's, that Watson heard when he looked into the study at ten-forty-eight. And at ten-forty-eight Jeudwine was out after Moon's files both Abdi and Miss Brandeis testify to that so he — — Jeudwine had done the job he wouldn't have had to use the window, and I don't see why the catch should have been wiped clean. couldn't have been in the study. Secondly, if I'm pretty

there got the league football results, the latest scores of an M.C.C. Test Match in the Argentine, and a programme of old Kentish songs rendered by Portland Place yokels. Tollemache gave a howl of anguish, and Vachell switched it off. When the manager left they went through their plans thoroughly over a final drink in front of the fire. They went to bed early, for the altitude was over seven thousand feet and the cold, crisp air made them sleepy. They were up for an early breakfast, and

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