More Playboy's Party Jokes, Volume 2

More Playboy's Party Jokes, Volume 2

Editors of Playboy Magazine

Language: English

Pages: 196

ISBN: 2:00266429

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Here it is—the second waggish collection of Party Jokes selected by the editors of Playboy from the famous monthly feature in the nation’s most sophisticated magazine. Replete with racy gags, mirthful limericks, Playboys inimitable
Femlins and cartoons, this debonair compendium is sure to join Playboys Party Jokes (Playboy Pocket Book 75049) as a national best seller and best friend to urbane partygoers of both sexes

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2500 Jokes to Start 'Em Laughing

The First Church On The Moon















ball, Dressed in nothing at all, She backed in as a Parker House Roll. The model ascended the ladder As Titian, the painter, had bade her. Her position, to Titian, Suggested coition. So he climbed up the ladder and had her. She wasn't what one would call pretty, And other girls offered her pity: So nobody guessed That her Wassermann Test Involved half r.hc men of r.hc city. There was a young lady from Senn, Who said, "Let us do it again And again and again And again and again And again and again

depressed aftcnvard." W e're sure you've heard about the traveling ~lesman whose car broke down in a rain stom1. He ran to me closest farm house and knocked on the door. A grizzled old farmer answered and the salesman pleaded for a place to stay me night. "I can give ya a room," said the farmer, ''but I ain't got no daughter fer ya to sleep with." " Oh," said the salesman. ''Well, how far is it to me next house?" The moon shone silver on the waters of the lake, and the waves beating on me shore

companion all about last night's big panty raid. 'This bruiser from t.he football team got me cornered, so I had to fork over my panties. What else could I do? lAter," t.he miss went on, ''I gave him the slip." 144 ., " The terrific upsurge in sales last month was actually an accident. While Miss Beeman was bringing the graph up to date, I happened to reach over and .. ." W ah er arrived at bis office late one morning and wa.t gn:ctcd wiL11 giggles from the prcuy receptionist. "What are

take women or leave them and prefers to do both. 172 What must surely be the final version of the traveling salesman's gag has come our way. It conccnu a hapless 111crchant o n the mo\'e who ran out of gas on a lonely country road, trudged to the nearest fannhousc and asked if he could spend the night. The Canner promptly shot him in the head with a shotglm. A waggish friend of ours o bserves that money can't buy love, but it can put you in a n excellent bargaining position. A bsent-minded is

Babette, "and who shall I say is calling?" M y goodness, Mr. Bartholomew," purred the pretty young thing, "I've never met a landlord quite like you before. I wonder if I could pay a few months' rem in advance?" 43 Vacation time was sun-tan time as far as Joan, an admirably proportioned secretary, was concerned, and she spent a lmost all of her time on the roof of her hotel sopping up the wann sun's rays. She wore a bathing suit the first day, but on tl1e second she decided that no one could

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