Martial Arts and Combat Sports (How to Draw Manga, Volume 6)

Martial Arts and Combat Sports (How to Draw Manga, Volume 6)

Hikaru Hayashi

Language: English

Pages: 152

ISBN: 2:00284206

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

As expected, skill in drawing powerful, combat scenes showing judo, karate, kendo, boxing, and other similar sports is an indispensable element to sports manga. For that reason, this volume in the acclaimed HOW TO DRAW MANGA series provides the reader with thorough explanations for drawing the martial arts and combat sports. This book methodically covers everything from basic movements to practical applications of the sports to actual manga scenes.

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inon i,, t/il,, the part in the box. iS to llricii;e t0 a rr;lr""-*ing knee. 125 Kicking Poses: Middle Kick/Upper Kick Kicks can pretty much be freely altered. Draw them according to your tastes. He can kick straighi our from this positio. or shift to the upper kick in No. L Drawir,: the falling opponeni will also give you a shot of the foot beir," pulled back after the kick. This is the initial motion. The foot that will be the pivoting foot comes fonalard. A kick can take about

stretch he could also wrap the top of his foot around the opponent's neck and take him down. Both arms are hanging limp, so it looks like his power is concentrated in his legs. This and the fact that the sole of the foot cannot be seen make the kick look heavier. t- ' ..ick is more ::- : than No. 7. lt is -=: for a slap to the " 'r.: ,t,ith the foot or a ,-: just before a , . ands, You could . mk at it from a -=-ant perspective i": ,se it as a right- The leg is fully extended, so he will

hits the floor. His legs fly up from the force of the kick. 136 Downward Spinning Kick -r : s swinging his foot down ,'rard the back of the head. --e keeps on moving along the :;iite course. His legs fly up from the force of the kick to the head and he gains momentum independently of his own will. He rolls once and stops. The turned up necktie and jacket hem tell of the force. 137 Using Scene with Kick and 0pponent Succumbing 0riginal lllustration The composition was determined

illuminates all objects including characters and skin. Always fiink about where the light is coming from. There are many krnds of light: sunlight, indoor lights, streeflights, and spoflights. Use the type of light source that best brings to life the situation you want to depict. 0f course, you can tailor the locale and composition of the picture to match the kind of light source you ,'uant to depict. ffechniques] Llaking shadows gray using tone is common. When you want to emphasize the

of boxing for scenes with "punching" and "exchanging blows." The origin of boxing is the primitive exchange of blows. lt is alive today in the form of Westerns and street fights. Let's learn about the crunch of muscle being pounded and powerful compositions and p0ses. 80 81 [stance] This pose with the gloves in front of the chest is called a fighting pose. The head is ducked and he is leaning slightly fonruard by hunching his back. The arms are tight against the sides and the gloves

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