Madagascar, 10th: The Bradt Travel Guide

Madagascar, 10th: The Bradt Travel Guide

Hilary Bradt

Language: English

Pages: 448

ISBN: 1841623415

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The naturalist’s ‘promised land’ Madagascar attracts visitors with its stunning scenery and endemic wildlife, from lemurs and aye-ayes to mantella frogs and sunbirds. From the Nosy Be archipelago to the enchanting coastal town of Fort Dauphin via the capital Antananarivo and the bizarre limestone plateau at Ankarana, Bradt’s Madagascar covers all the national parks and protected areas, with itineraries to suit all interests and budgets. Author Hilary Bradt has guided mesmerised visitors on more than 30 trips to Madagascar and her personal anecdotes and unparalleled knowledge, combined with input from around 50 experts, makes this the most informative and indispensable guide on the market.  More than 100 new hotels and restaurants are reviewed and there is a new section on travelling with children, a growing travel trend.


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opposite) who can provide transport to get there. The 67ha park is just 7km (15 minutes) from Taolagnaro on the way to Sainte Luce. Although some species are from other parts of Madagascar, it provides the usual tame lemurs, reptiles and regional vegetation. Allow a full day for a visit or stay in one of the en-suite rooms (70,000Ar including breakfast). RANOPISO ARBORETUM ( 92 213 25; e About an hour out of Taolagnaro lies this 2ha botanical garden, founded in 1980 by the

you past acres of sisal and some lonely looking baobabs, to the reserve. THE RESERVE Berenty is most famous for its population of ring-tailed lemurs and sifakas. If you have ever seen these in a TV documentary, chances are they were filmed here. The de Heaulme family have made this one of the best-studied 260ha of forest in Madagascar. Although in the arid south, its location on the River Mandrare ensures a good water supply for the habitat of gallery or riverine forest, which is divided

A straightforward setup of huts with beds, mosquito nets & buckets for washing. No electricity. € MAROANTSETRA TO ANTALAHA THE ADVENTUROUS WAY Guided treks offered from tour operators in Maroantsetra include to Antalaha (four days), to Cap Est (six days), and to Andapa (eight days). It is also possible to hike right round the coast of the peninsula. You will need the relevant FTM map (number 4), best bought in Tana. As most of these routes pass through parts of the national park, you are obliged

Analalava, an isolated village accessible in the dry season by taxi-brousse (at least 4 hours) but otherwise only by boat (5 hours) or light aircraft. The best hotels in town are Malibu, on the seafront, and Varatraza. Nosy Saba When I visited this island in the 1990s, I thought it was paradise, with coconut palms, curving bays of yellow sand, a densely forested section with clouds of fruit bats, coral and chameleons. This untouched Eden couldn’t last, however, and a Frenchman has just built a

deferring for a second opinion at the slightest mark, much to the amusement of all. ‘Parasy?’ I’d ask fearfully. ‘Tsy misy parasy’ they’d laugh, and I’d breathe a sigh of relief. SUNBURN Light-skinned people, particularly those with freckles, burn remarkably quickly near the Equator, especially when snorkelling. Wearing a shirt, preferably one with a collar, protects the neck and back, and long shorts can also be worn. Use a sunscreen with a high protection factor (at least SPF25) on the

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