Localization: A Global Manifesto

Localization: A Global Manifesto

Colin Hines

Language: English

Pages: 305

ISBN: 1138159492

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Publish Year note: Ffirst published March 1st 2000

Localization is a manifesto to unite all those who recognize the importance of cultural, social and ecological diversity for our future - and who do not aspire to a monolithic global consumer culture. It is a passionate and persuasive polemic, challenging the claims that we have to be 'internationally competitive' to survive and describing the destructive consequences of globalization. This book is unique in going beyond simply criticizing free trade and globalization trends. It details self-reinforcing policies to create local self-sufficiency and shows clearly that there is an alternative to globalization - to protect the local, globally.

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taking ever more power to the centre whilst doling out ever-more responsibilities to the local tiers of government must be reversed to give the latter real powers over the local economy. At present, they receive inadequate financial help, often have inadequate labour resources or are without the revenue-raising capacity to pay for them. 9 Translocalism A key to a globally minded community moving towards self-reliance is to cooperate with and to help other communities worldwide to do likewise.

to 2004, subject to State approval.25 Bonds for Broader Regeneration Schemes Across the US and Europe, bonds are used for a range of economic development projects, and it is increasingly common to package a number of smaller projects into a portfolio for a bond issue. In New York, bonds have been used for Urban Regeneration initiatives such as the Time Square redevelopment, as well as for the wider regional economic development programme. In the UK, the Millan Commission Report, ‘Renewing the

to basic WTO rules…” “Future steps towards full integration will generate increased opportunities for suppliers to compete on an equal basis in government procurement markets worldwide.”…there should be no exemption or lower standards for developing countries…’31 The Ministerial meeting of the 134 WTO members in Seattle in November 1999 was supposed to revise the 1994 Marrakesh accords agreed when the WTO was formed. These covered agriculture, services and intellectual property. In 1999,

also the desires of workers and the local community. Company and accounting law could be used more easily to control transfer pricing. Under globalization, one third of world trade consists of transactions between various units of the same corporation based in different countries. This enables companies to minimize tax by registering their profits as made mostly in the countries which charge low corporation tax. Under localization, domestic consumption would be satisfied largely by national or

economies. This is of particular importance to those countries which need to grow faster to deal with their greater infrastructure and capacity weaknesses.’ Brian Wilson MP, former Minister for Trade2 THE CRITICS’ VIEW Globalization – the ever-increasing integration of national economies into the global economy through trade and investment rules and privatization, aided by technological advances. These reduce barriers to trade and investment and in the process reduce democratic controls by

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