Len Deighton's French Cooking for Men: 50 Classic Cookstrips for Today's Action Men

Len Deighton's French Cooking for Men: 50 Classic Cookstrips for Today's Action Men

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 0007351119

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Revised and updated edition of the celebrated cookery classic, featuring 50 cookstrips that will solve the mysteries of French cuisine and unlock the key to 500 memorable dishes. Includes a new introduction by the author.

No one has more logically or appealingly cracked the code to French cookery than Len Deighton. Now, in this redesigned and updated edition, his culinary classic is looking better than ever.

Through the minefield of menus and cartes des vins he steers a reassuring course, outlining:

• 50 celebrated cookstrips that ingeniously reveal techniques and vital food facts at a glance

• a lexique of French/English culinary terms plus a guide to the French menu and wine list

• a comprehensive and easy-to-follow chart of sauces

• French cheese, charcuterie, butchery and ways with the vegetable!

Len Deighton’s French Cooking for Men solves the mysteries of French cuisine, while retaining its mystique. Here is everything you want to know about French home cooking presented in a form so usable and appealing you will wonder how you ever got along without it.

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and this leaves the peppers with a fugitive scorched flavour that is often found in North African cooking. When the chopped pieces are tender the seasoned, beaten egg is poured into the pan. This pipérade when half-cooked is turned over and cooked on the other side. It is served flat. Pipérade basquaise is always cooked solely in oil. Pistou. A Mediterranean sauce very like Italian pesto. It is made from garlic, basil, and Parmesan cheese pounded together while oil is dripped into it – rather

beat for a minute or so before beginning to add the oil, then do so very slowly. Two, using too much oil. Although experts may be able to get 5 ounces of oil into each egg-yolk, I suggest you keep to my amounts for the first few times at least. Three, using oil or utensils that are too cold. Warm the mixing bowl and oil very slightly before you begin. After the first 1/4 pint the dripping oil can become a trickle. Mayonnaise can be stored for a short period, but if you put it into a refrigerator

life expectation. Such products must remain on the shop’s shelf for an hour or two, be carried home and served later in the day. So these tarts need a layer of confectioner’s custard to prevent the pastry from going soggy. It is called creme pâtissière. STRIP No19 Savoury tart fillings which can be served alone Someone said ‘a quiche is anything plus a beaten egg’ but in fact there are quiche recipes that don’t have an egg in them. Although there are classic quiche and gratin recipes they do

follow the French system: remove the skin and use it for flavouring a stew or soup. Remove thin slices of fat as evenly as you can and use them to bard a chicken or lean joint. For the loin of pork leave just 1/8 inch layer of fat around it. Even then you may prefer to degrease the juice at the bottom of the casserole before adding the turnips. There is a very similar recipe which has strips of Gruyère cheese and ham buried inside the rolled pork. When the pork is sliced the cheese will have

but only by having a vast heat source. Nowadays we use an oven because that encloses the heat around the food and so costs less in fuel and takes up less space. But the enclosed space means that the hot air will become moist, because the water inside the meat is turning to steam. The old open-fire method of cooking – roasting – was so dry that it needed an attendant who would watch the spit turning and constantly moisten the outside of the meat with fat. We still do this when we brush fat over a

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