Knack Bartending Basics: More Than 400 Classic And Contemporary Cocktails For Any Occasion (Knack: Make It Easy)

Knack Bartending Basics: More Than 400 Classic And Contemporary Cocktails For Any Occasion (Knack: Make It Easy)

Cheryl Charming

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 1599215047

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

By breaking down drinks in a visually organized format, Knack Bartending Basics allows the reader to instantly master more than 400 cocktails.

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are grown in Hawaii. You can replace the papaya with other Hawaiian fruits such as banana, coconut, or mango. This margarita can be served at a tiki-, tropical-, or luau-themed party. Feel free to garnish the drink with plenty of edible flowers and paper parasols. The Italian Margarita uses the very sweet and romantic Dis- Hawaiian Margarita Italian Margarita knack bartending basics Global themed margaritas can be great to serve at theme parties or just to have fun creating new ones!

then keep the citrus vodka in the freezer and then just pour when ready. If you want to add a fun twist to this Lemon Drop Shot, then dip half of a lemon wheel in sugar and the other half in ground espresso. Here’s a top-shelf Lemon Drop Shot spinoff Ingredients Sugar to rim glass 1½ ounces citrus vodka Ice Ingredients 1. Rim a shot glass with sugar. 2. Shake vodka with ice. 3. Strain into the glass. 1½ ounces vodka Ice Orange slice Sugar ¼ ounce 151 rum or Grand Marnier 1. Shake the vodka

your hands. 108 01KNACK Bartending xii-244.indd 108 1/8/09 9:54:20 AM had had sexual undertones. Public anxiety grew, and many people were frustrated by not knowing what to do because having sex—the way they were used to—could mean dying. It was the collective frustration of not being able to act out sexually that conceived these drinks with provocative names. Bartenders were providing only what the public desired at that time. If people couldn’t have sex, then, by golly, they would enjoy

filled with camels, cactus, belly dancers, harems, sultans, palm trees, a half moon, and, of course, an oasis. Star fruit can represent the stars in the midnight sky, half oranges = half moons, raw sugar = sand, and pineapple fronds = palm trees. This romantic sangria works for a romantic party of two. light You’ll notice decorated sangria bottles on the bottom shelf in the wine aisle. You don’t want to buy these premixes. These are for people who know nothing about sangria. Besides, they

thou w o o sh s a le t record most valuab of the e h T . es ss shot gla glasses the official glasses are by. er Kentucky D 13 01KNACK Bartending xii-244.indd 13 1/8/09 9:41:10 AM The Sturdiest Glassware Strong and steady glassware can be handled firmly its origin. One is that the Highball is a drink before dinner when the sun is a big ball in the sky. Another is that the Highball came from the railroad practice of raising a ball quickly on a pole. The most popular Highballs are Scotch and

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