Jokes for Men Only

Jokes for Men Only

Justin Richards

Language: English

Pages: 114

ISBN: 0961331143

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A joke book for men

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monogamy are the same thing. One wife too many! After her checkup, the young woman told her gynecologist that she was quite concerned, because every man she slept with wanted anal sex. "This may sound silly," she said, "but can I get pregnant that way?" "It's not silly at all," the doctor says. "Where do you think all the lawyers come from?" 16 My ex-wife is like a good laxative. She irritates the shit out of you. A young couple moved into an apartment next door to a very sexy stewardess.

goes to the woman and asks what she would like. 'Vinegar and water." she says. 4 What's the difference between a cheap hooker and an elephant? One rolls on it's back for peanuts, and the other lives in a zoo. The old man went to the local brothel and said to the madam, "I'd like one of you best girls." She looked at him and said, "You must be over ninety, Pop!" "92," he said proudly. "Well Pop," she said looking at his frail body, "I think you've had it!" The old guy looked confused a minute

and said, "I have? How much do I owe you?" ... 5 Why do women rub their eyes when they wake up in the morning? Because they don't have balls to scratch. 6 An American tourist goes into a restaurant in Spain and orders the specialty of the house. When his dinner arrives he asks the waiter what it is. "These, senor," said the waiter in broken English, "are the cojones -how you say, the testicles - of the bull killed in the ring today." The tourist swallowed hard but tasted the dish and

back." The woman thinks awhile and says, "That's impossible. It can't be done." Guy says, "Sure it can. I've persuaded another couple to help us." There was a young lady named Alice Used a dynamite stick for a phallus; They found her vagina In North Carolina And half of her ass-hole in Dallas. ... 68 What's the difference between a woman and a barracuda? Nail polish. The man walked into the bar, ordered a ?ouble scotch, and said to the bartender, "I JUSt got the shock of my life. I caught

save!" A woman from Alabama ran up to the church and asked a man standing there, "Is mass out?" "No," said the man, "but your hat's on crooked." * •• 92 Having fallen asleep at his lover's apartment, Jack knew his wife would kill him if he didn't have a good excuse. He quickly phones her and shouted, "Don't pay the ransom, honey. I've escaped!" Two business partners, who were both married men, were taking turns making love to their secretary. As a result she became pregnant with twins. On

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