Hugh Johnson's Pocket Wine Book 2014

Hugh Johnson's Pocket Wine Book 2014

Hugh Johnson

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 1845337441

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Hugh Johnson's Pocket Wine Book is the bestselling wine guide on the market.

The original and best, Hugh Johnson's Pocket Wine Book is the ultimate compact guide. Now in its 37th edition, it is the UK's number one wine book for wine-lovers and professionals. It is the key reference for enthusiasts, investors and collectors and this year's edition boasts up-to-date news on more than 6,000 wines, growers and regions, plus invaluable vintage information from experts around the world.

A new color supplement focuses on the wines of Burgundy, while the 'If you like this, try this' section offers the reader alternative wines to try based on those they already drink. More than 200 of Johnson's favorites for 2014 are also included.

An accompanying app is also available from the Apple App Store.

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system only applies to VDP members, remember; it’s not for everybody.) So Grosslage, in German wine law, is precisely the opposite of the VDP’s Grosse Lage. It’s hard not to wonder if they do it on purpose. Recent vintages Mosel-Saar-Ruwer Mosels (including Saar and Ruwer wines) are so attractive young that their keeping qualities are not often enough explored. But well-made Riesling wines of Kabinett class gain from at least 5 years in bottle and often much more: Spätlese from 5–20, and

wine taverns in which growers-cum-patrons serve own wine with local food – a Viennese institution. Hiedler Kamp w sw ★★★ 06 09 10 11 Consistently fine grower, concentrated, expressive wines, some from steep terraced v’yds. RIES Maximum. Hirsch Kamp w ★★★ 05 06 09 11 Fine organic grower. Esp fine Heiligenstein, Lamm and Gaisberg v’yds. Also Austria’s screwcap pioneer. Hirtzberger, Franz Wach w ★★★★ 05 06 07 08 10 11 Top producer at SPITZ AN DER DONAU. Highly expressive, minerally Ries and

GRENACHE-anchored Rhône blend, is outstanding; Zotovich v’yd CHARD is excellent as well. Treana P Rob ★★ Only two wines: Treana Red, based on CAB SAUV, and Treana White, a blend of VIOGNIER and MARSANNE. You can’t go wrong with either. Trefethen Family Vineyards Napa V ★★★ 03 04 05 07 08 10 11 Historic family winery in Napa. Off-dry RIES is splendid. CAB SAUV on an upward curve in recent vintages. CHARD can be excellent, also ages. Tres Sabores Ruth ★★★ This estate is making a name for its

Franc are making moves, while in British Columbia the stars are Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Syrah and Merlot, with a smattering of aromatic white blends. From the Atlantic coast, Nova Scotia continues to hone impressive sparkling wine and a small mix of aromatic whites. Ontario Four appellations of origin, all adjacent to Lakes Ontario and Erie: Niagara Peninsula, Lake Erie North Shore, Pelee Island, Prince Edward County. Within Niagara Peninsula the vineyards are further sub-divided into ten

house founded in 16th century, making complex CHAMPAGNES in vinous style. Now in new premises in Épernay. CUVÉE Elegance NV. Traditional Grand Millésime (02 04 06 08’). Gosset Celebris (02 04 06 08’) is finest cuvée. Remarkable Celebris Rosé (05 09). Gouges, Henri C d’O r w ★★★ Grégory Gouges continuing success of previous generation with rich, meaty, long-lasting NUITS-ST-GEORGES from a range of PREMIER CRU v’yds. Try Vaucrains, Les St-Georges, or Chaignots. Interesting white, too. Grand

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