Gothic Sports Volume 1 (v. 1)

Gothic Sports Volume 1 (v. 1)

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 1598169920

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Anya is a young girl who has to adjust to her new school. When she tries to fit in and join the various school sports teams, shes rejected by every one. With nowhere else to turn, she decides to form her very own soccer team. Thus begins the first Gothic-Lolita soccer team. Young adult.

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GothicSports_1.indd 1 8/3/10 3:07:40 PM GothicSports_1.indd 2 8/3/10 3:07:40 PM othicSports GothicSports_1.indd 3 8/3/10 3:07:51 PM GothicSports_1.indd 4 8/3/10 3:07:59 PM A PREVIEW OF ENJOY! GothicSports_1.indd 5 8/3/10 3:08:04 PM GothicSports_1.indd 6 8/3/10 3:08:05 PM GothicSports_1.indd 7 8/3/10 3:08:06 PM GothicSports_1.indd 8 8/3/10 3:08:08 PM GothicSports_1.indd 9 8/3/10 3:08:09 PM GothicSports_1.indd 10 8/3/10 3:08:11 PM GothicSports_1.indd 11 8/3/10

who th at is? Wow! You’re really angry! Of course I know who she is. 131 GothicSports_1.indd 62 8/3/10 3:08:32 PM I’m in a great mood today... you can keep your stupid comments to yourself! Wait a minute! I think you have the wrong impression of me! Excuse us for a second! Ohhhh! Anya...? How could this have happened? Anya! 130 GothicSports_1.indd 63 8/3/10 3:08:32 PM Hi! ... Hey! What brings you here? I have... Actually, I was looking for Anya. Ha! Don’t even try

unfair! Uh, yeah. That would totally break their hearts. Hmm. In theory... You just need permission from the principal. You know what I mean! ...can female students even start their own teams? Sure! Hm? Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Julia...? 98 GothicSports_1.indd 95 8/3/10 3:08:39 PM You know them? You guys are such jerks! Nope. It’s okay, Filiz. Exactly! Someday they’ll have to let us play! But I thought you wanted to be in the tournament! GothicSports_1.indd 96

We’ve come to terms with it. Maybe after the tournament... 8/3/10 3:08:39 PM Ha ha ha ... Haaa Ha Haa ha SNOR T! All they let us do is sit around! Are you kidding? They... don’t let you play? What...? 96 GothicSports_1.indd 97 8/3/10 3:08:39 PM We figured you could use a cold drink in this heat! Whoa, you guys are still here? So we stayed at school a bit longer... provide moral support! Nice of... who? ...while they have to keep on sweating! Well, the team. They give

t o m a t o sauce, bigotry H o b b i e s : S e w i n g, d e s i g n i n g, s tanding ou t GothicSports_1.indd 101 8/3/10 3:08:40 PM FORMATION GothicSports_1.indd 102 8/3/10 3:08:40 PM Everything’s just so different from how I had imagined it... ...that’s all. Ha ha! I hope you’re right... It’ll get better! You just have to get used to things. ...I really do. 90 GothicSports_1.indd 103 8/3/10 3:08:41 PM She doesn’t remember a thing! Look... Snowball fights?! Just forget it,

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