Gods and Generals: A Novel of the Civil War (Civil War Trilogy)

Gods and Generals: A Novel of the Civil War (Civil War Trilogy)

Jeff Shaara

Language: English

Pages: 512

ISBN: 0345422473

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The New York Times bestselling prequel to the Pulitzer Prize–winning classic The Killer Angels
In this brilliantly written epic novel, Jeff Shaara traces the lives, passions, and careers of the great military leaders from the first gathering clouds of the Civil War. Here is Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, a hopelessly by-the-book military instructor and devout Christian who becomes the greatest commander of the Civil War; Winfield Scott Hancock, a captain of quartermasters who quickly establishes himself as one of the finest leaders of the Union army; Joshua Chamberlain, who gives up his promising academic career and goes on to become one of the most heroic soldiers in American history; and Robert E. Lee, never believing until too late that a civil war would ever truly come to pass. Profound in its insights into the minds and hearts of those who fought in the war, Gods and Generals creates a vivid portrait of the soldiers, the battlefields, and the tumultuous times that forever shaped the nation.

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April 1865: The Month That Saved America

















their commander had just said. He had heard enough, quickly opened the door, passed by eavesdropping guards, stepped down away from the light. He climbed up onto the horse, moved the big mare along the road, thought of the ridiculous boasting, daring God to stop them, felt suddenly very sad. He tried to convince himself it did not have to depend on those men . . . the real success could still come from the good work of these good soldiers. We do have the numbers, he thought, and we may have

resistance that we can see. We’ve heard a few shots, but nothing major.” Lee was not surprised. A more accurate picture was beginning to form in his mind. “And over there, Colonel, state militia has been arriving since we’ve been here, several companies. I don’t know who is in command there, sir.” Out beyond the station platform Lee saw troops gathering in the darkness, a ragged formation of volunteers, numbers swelling by the minute, and he had an uneasy feeling, did not look forward to

is most appreciated. Lieutenant Colonel Keith Gibson, of the Virginia Military Institute, and his wife, Pat Gibson, who opened up their home and allowed me to explore their considerable insight into these characters. Ms. Michael Anne Lynn, of the Stonewall Jackson House, in Lexington, Virginia, for her gracious hospitality, and her willingness to impart her own suggestions for research materials. Dr. Jeffrey Pasley, Department of History, Florida State University, for his enthusiastic

the governor today, Governor Washburn.” “The governor? Really?” She laughed, “My father calls him Old Breadball.” Chamberlain smiled, knew many reasons why he did not discuss politics with Reverend Adams. “The governor has offered me . . . a commission. He has offered me a command position, a lieutenant colonel’s rank . . . in the Maine volunteers.” She sat up straight, and he felt her eyes. “Why would he do that?” “Because I requested it. I volunteered for service.” She stared at him in

McClellan is no longer a priority with Mr. Lincoln. Certainly, his troops will begin to move, to unite with Pope’s.” “Sir, they cannot be allowed to treat our civilians with such lack of respect.” “There’s more to it than that, General.” Lee felt something, an uneasiness in his stomach, thought, Pope is a dangerous man, a man who will say anything to create a name for himself, who will say and do anything to rally support from Washington. “General Stuart, please excuse me . . . you are

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