Gettysburg: The Confederate High Tide (The Civil War Series)

Gettysburg: The Confederate High Tide (The Civil War Series)

Language: English

Pages: 176

ISBN: 0809447568

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Beautifully bound and illustrated volume of the Civil War featuring Gettysburg: The Confederate High Tide.

A Glorious Army: Robert E. Lee's Triumph, 1862-1863

Mrs. Grant and Madame Jule

The Stonewall Brigade (Men-at-Arms, Volume 30)

Duel Between the First Ironclads

Tenting Tonight: The Soldier's Life













remain with Colonel O'Neal had regiment a reserve rather than go into battle with his men. Nei- accompany his men when they belatedly began to move. Instead, he perfunctorily told his troops to "give them hell." With those words, as one of the embittered North Carolinians later wrote, Iver- ther did Iverson son's part "in the heroic struggle of his bri- gade seems The son's have begun and ended." collapse of O'Neal's attack left flank gade moved Ridge to it wide open, and so

lethal flanking fire into Pettigrew's remaining troops. On spotting Hays's move, Hancock was struck by the possibility of a double envelop- — Birkett D. Fry got tangled up with a pair of stout rail fences about 200 yards to his front. Hays's could be executed at the other end of the Federal line, Hancock galloped south- Then Hays bellowed "Fire!" and from ward enemy brigade under Colonel the line there blazed the of 1,700 muskets and A until his concentrated fury cannon. 1 1

weakening the battle had raged or their steps could carry them, lay the dead. Some. with faces bloated and blackened beyond the blazing summer last "Here limb; filled and groaned: "Drive the invader from our My God! soil? Is that all?" moments. headless trunk, there a severed a in all the grotesque positions that un- human form, they lay. Upon the faces some death had frozen a smile; some the showed army. Thus, upon darkened; he slapped his knee in frustration bearable pain

National Military Park, photographed by Museum of Pennsylvania, ermel. Collections of the State tographed bv Henrv Groskinsky pho- Forbes. l.ibrar\ of Congress. 86: Drawing by Alfred R. Waud. American Heritage Picture Collection. 87: Library of Congress, courtesy Brian Pohanka. 88-97: Paintings by Peter F Rothermel. Collections of the State Museum of Pennsylvania, photographed by Henry Groskinsky. 99: "Marse Roben," painted en gnsadle by William Ludwell Sheppard, courtesy Edmund Archer,

Howard. 148 Wheat Field. 98-101, 103. 105. map 108 Steinwehr, Adolph von, 52, 62-65 Charge. 136; at Pitzer's Woods. 76 Wdkeson. Bavard. 5S-59 Willard. George L, 108./ 54 , , George H. Maryland .24.26. 115- 116.127, 129 Strickland, Francis, /55 Wilcox. Cadmus Emmitsburg road. Williams. Alpheus . M Williams. 10, 16, 17, 18, 21-22, 25; at Carlisle. 73; Winchester. \ . criticized, 25, directive at from Lee, 25-26; Gettysburg. 71, 132. in Lee's retreat. 151. at Middleburg. 26. 28.

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