Freehand Drawing and Discovery: Urban Sketching and Concept Drawing for Designers

Freehand Drawing and Discovery: Urban Sketching and Concept Drawing for Designers

James Richards

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 1118232100

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

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Designed to help architects, planners, and landscape architects use freehand sketching to quickly and creatively generate design concepts, Freehand Drawing and Discovery uses an array of cross-disciplinary examples to help readers develop their drawing skills. Taking a "both/and" approach, this book provides step-by-step guidance on drawing tools and techniques and offers practical suggestions on how to use these skills in conjunction with digital tools on real-world projects. Illustrated with nearly 300 full color drawings, the book includes a series of video demonstrations that reinforces the sketching techniques.

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third” (the roof, the struts that support it, and the windshield), then the “bottom third” (bumper, undercarriage, and tires) to tie the vehicle to the ground. The following pages demonstrate how this technique can be used and adapted to depict a wide range of vehicles. Figure 3.11  Loose sketched vehicles add movement, realism, and a sense of scale to a scene. Elements and Entourage 55 Figure 3.12  Drawing cars can be simplified by thinking of their bodies as consisting of top, middle,

Creative Fuel 141 “You’d think so much sketching at work and at home would be enough freehand drawing for me, but when I travel and go on vacation I can’t leave the pen and sketchbook behind. Once you discover the benefits of freehand drawing on location, you just can’t go back. I can’t think of a better way to connect with people and places than drawing them on the spot.” Figure 5.24  My pocket sketchbooks are a visual journal of my life. Each drawing is a snapshot of a time and place and

distinctive voice. I’ve chosen not to heavily edit their narrative styles for the sake of consistency, but rather to let the reader meet them through their own words, unique personalities, and views of drawing. St. Peter’s Square, The Vatican. xvi Freehand Drawing and Discovery I recall that while a kid in New Orleans, my parents, Jim and Mary Richards, openly worried (only partly in jest) that I might end up with a beret and goatee hawking paintings and living on Lucky Dogs in Jackson

Preface  xiii Acknowledgments  xvii Chapter 3: Elements and Entourage   50 People  52 Vehicles  55 Trees, Shrubs, Groundcovers   58 Rock and Landforms   62 Water  69 Furnishings  72 Sky  76 Buildings  83 Drawing and Discovery with Christine Ten Eyck   92 Chapter 4: Creating Believable Worlds   98 Perspective: What You Really Need to Know   99 Creating Depth: Foreground, Middle Ground, Background   111 Building Up Color   115 Pulling It Together   119 Drawing and Discovery with Luis Ruiz  122

quick sketch is one in a series of “serial vision” sketches by the author for MESA Design Group, visualizing unfolding views for a campus open space sequence. T w o The development of quick, expressive sketching skills is the key to using drawing to capture fleeting impressions on location and as an exploratory tool, generating and depicting ideas in an exciting process of discovery. At best, concept sketching should be approached as play, a game of exploration with no judgment of the results.

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