Financial Terrorism : Hijacking America Under the Threat of Bankruptcy

Financial Terrorism : Hijacking America Under the Threat of Bankruptcy

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Pages: 280

ISBN: 1881919021

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Debts, deficits, taxation, regulation, and all the other hallmarks of economic slavery are already ravaging this nation. This book warns Americans that a dreaded new world order is being built around them and that economic control is part of a plan to enslave us. John F. McManus analyzes many proposed solutions and quick fixes for America's financial woes and shows that most either just scratch the surface or do more harm than good.

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to purchase U.S. agricultural products. While some of the money is repaid, the cost of this multi-billion-dollar program is borne by taxpayers. If giving money to others to purchase agricultural products is proper (It isn't!), then there is no reason why money couldn't be given to others to purchase autos, television sets, air conditioners, etc.20 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission: $233,805,000. This commission enforces unequal employment opportunity for selected racial, ethnic, and gender

the dollar. Value Stolen What happens to the value of money during a period of inflation? The answer is that it ends up in the possession of whoever does the inflating. The counterfeiter is the simplest example of an inflator at work. If he produces some good-looking bills, he can "spend" them and walk away with someone else's goods or services for the cost of paper, ink, and some time on a printing press. He has traded essentially worthless paper for valuable goods. The previous owner of the

interview broadcast on January 6, 1971, he shocked television newscaster Howard K. Smith with the admission that he 8. Ibid. 9. Gary Allen, "Nixon, vs. Nixon, A Special Capitol Report" (Costa Mesa, CA: Capitol Report, 1972), p. 10. Allen further reported that Nixon, elected in 1968 in a close race with Humphrey, stated on October 17, 1969, "Wage and price controls are bad for business, bad for the working man, and bad for economics." On June 17, 1970, he stated: "Now here is what I will not do. I

creditor is willing to receive such money substitutes. In addition, truly free banking (see Chapter 11) would stimulate the use of valuable money substitutes. 151 FINANCIAL TERRORISM dence left such an imprint on the minds of some of the men that they took care to leave no such opening for it when they drew up the Constitution in 1787. The matter came up for question whether or not the United States government should have the power to "emit bills of credit." The decision was that the

to take a government job himself. Later that evening, Pete tells Sally that unless he applies for 21 FINANCIAL TERRORISM and receives what he knows is a UN job, they won't be able to hold on to their home. The UN announces that all U.S. military units have been placed under its command and all police forces have been absorbed into the newly created, UN-directed federal bureau of police. The President no longer appears on television. In fact, he no longer appears anywhere in public. Government

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