Famine and Foreigners: Ethiopia Since Live Aid

Famine and Foreigners: Ethiopia Since Live Aid

Peter Gill

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 0199644047

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The terrible 1984 famine in Ethiopia focused the world's attention on the country and the issue of aid as never before. Anyone over the age of 30 remembers something of the events--if not the original TV pictures, then Band Aid and Live Aid, Geldof and Bono. Peter Gill was the first journalist to reach the epicenter of the famine and one of the TV reporters who brought the tragedy to light. This book is the story of what happened to Ethiopia in the 25 years following Live Aid: the place, the people, the westerners who have tried to help, and the wider multinational aid business that has come into being. We saved countless lives in the beginning and continue to save them now, but have we done much else to transform the lives of Ethiopia's poor and set them on a "development" course that will enable the country to thrive?

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with her, the younger one at her breast. At home, the family existed entirely on food handouts. They had no income and had not managed to grow anything the previous year. What surprised my Ethiopian companions and shocked me were the answers to straightforward questions about the family back at home. Barate had six children and was her husband’s 124 population matters second wife. The first wife had nine children. Her husband had just taken a third wife, but she had no children as yet. The

friend of the clinic. Sudare is a grandmother and reckons she has assisted in more than 1,000 deliveries. She had no formal qualifications, but had been on two training courses and is now a star in the network of care that the family guidance association extends to the countryside around Awassa. 131 transitions A few days later I drove out of the city past hot springs into the hills to reach Sudare’s village. In the yard at the back of her house there were twenty women waiting to meet me and

opposition needed to have a paper trail to prove the point, and they weren’t allowed proper access, so I never saw anything that contested the election outcome. There was no alternative data.’ Another observer, no admirer of the EPRDF, catalogued the extent of government intimidation and malpractice before and after the election in one part of Amhara Region, but added: ‘I don’t think the opposition won, by the way. I don’t believe the election was stolen, but it was unfair.’ Many of the results

government’s case, they were driven back to prison and placed in solitary confinement in airless sea containers with no daylight. 157 now As the final judgement was read out in court, some for a time thought that Daniel and Netsanet were being cited for an award. The judges agreed that their activities had been peaceful and that they made a ‘courageous and heroic contribution’ to trying to resolve the disputes between government and opposition. They had ‘lived up to their professional

country.’3 Opponents of the Ethiopian government were certain that western pressure had achieved very little in the aftermath of the 2005 elections. Dr Berhanu Nega, opposition leader in exile, said that the response of western governments had been ‘a very, very serious disappointment. These are not countries which are serious about liberty, which are serious about freedom. They have their own little geo-political, strategic interests.’ But the elections had nevertheless changed things. ‘People

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