Eyewitness Companions: Whiskey (Eyewitness Companion Guides)

Eyewitness Companions: Whiskey (Eyewitness Companion Guides)

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 0756633494

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Whether you are looking to find out more about the production techniques and history of your favorite distillery or want to discover a hidden gem that you've never tried before, this book tells and shows you everything you need to know, including comprehensive tasting notes of recommended whiskies, serving suggestions, and food and whiskey pairing. It is a book to enjoy at your leisure, but the guide's compact size and flexi cover also make it ideal as a portable reference to take to a restaurant, whiskey shop, or on a visit to a distillery.

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combinations and percentages of various grains within each designated type or style of whiskey (see p34) are usually enshrined in law. For example, “straight rye” whiskey must legally be distilled using a minimum of 51 percent rye (see p186). yeast Yeast is a single-cell organism that feeds on sugars and produces alcohol and carbon dioxide as a result. It is probably the least discussed element that affects a whiskey’s profile, yet it is essential, not only in the creation of alcohol, but also

influence Long reputed to contain a Finest has long been popular healthy measure of both elsewhere in Europe, on current thinking within Glenmorangie and Glen the industry and has won a and the more premium Moray single malts, high number of awards. expressions enjoy huge Bailie Nicol Jarvie has Compass Box whiskies are success in the Far East, not cheap, for which Glaser one of the highest especially in China, makes no apology. They malt contents of Japan, South any blended whisky Korea, and

Dewar & Sons (Bacardi) Following Bacardi’s purchase of Dewar’s in 1988, the brand was repackaged, with considerable investment being made throughout the business, from the distilling process to the warehousing and bottling. To augment the standard White Label, new products were developed. The first of these was a 12-year-old version, Special Reserve. Then came the 18-year-old Founder’s Reserve, and finally an ultra-premium nonage style known as Signature. The main single malt in the Dewar’s

at Gleneagles) Label brand in Taipei. 139 A bottle of Johnny Walker 1805, an incredibly rare whisky, was auctioned at Bonham’s in 2007. “up‑front” in taste. Direct, fresh, and fruity, with smoky and chilli spice notes. Johnnie Walker gold Label • In an older style 40% ABV such as Gold, look for honey, fresh fruits, and toffee notes, with smoke very much in the background. Perhaps controversially, Diageo recommends chilling this in the freezer before serving, maintaining that the flavors are

despite poor transportation links to the costal ports, the company focused on the export market; to this day Tullamore Dew is still the best-selling Irish whiskey in Germany. The company’s most famous brand, Tullamore Dew, is still going strong, though it has passed through numerous hands since the distillery closed in 1954. Today it is owned by the Irish food and drink company C&C, which in turn is owned by a group of UK venture capitalists. So the fate of this brand is far ireland from

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