Encyclopedia of Painting: Painters and Painting of the World from Prehistoric Times to the Present Day

Encyclopedia of Painting: Painters and Painting of the World from Prehistoric Times to the Present Day

Bernard S. Myers

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Painters and painting of the world from prehistoric times to the present day.

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Ascoli, but after trice, he is Marco Calabrese. His c.1530 turned to architecture. Thomas (1801-48). This most famous member of in Lancashire. England, and worked as a textile designer and an engraver before he migrated to the U.S. with his family in 1818. In this country he first studied wood engraving, taught drawing and painting in his sister's school, designed wallpaper, and then became an itinerant portrait painter. In 1823 he entered the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and in 1825

and the Parisian elite. Discarded are the trappings of romantic pretensions, and several are the allusions to the naive eye and child art. At this point social implications tend to drop out of Courbet's art, and henceforth his paintings usually make only artistic allusions. He paints figure studies, landscapes, seascapes. hunting scenes. The last relate to an old royal tradition of French realism (see Desportes. Oudry), but also reveal Courbet's love of the hunt and his feeling for thick pelts,

in Savonarola's famous Eire of Vanities in 1497. One figure of Venus has survived (Uffizi) and its bland and heavy qualities typify Lorenzo's work in general. His many Madonnas. Adorations and other religious works perpetuate the naturalism and sweetness of Verrocchio without the vi- AMOINE tality of that master. Perseus Freeing Andromeda. Louvre, Paris (See color plate 50.) Crespi, Daniele interpretations of classical themes and his paintings charming of Venus and Cupid and of the

Hud>oii River school (see), who painted serene aspects of American scenery in New York -and Vermont. Born in New York, he studied engraving with Peter Ma\erick and at the National Academy of Design. Casorati, Felice (1886-1963). Italian painter associated with the city of Turin, where he taught at the Albertina Academy. A studio figure 27. painter, his worlds are CASSATT. The Boating martced by a and a controlled arrangement mingled with somewhat romantic and atmospheric quality.

Four Masters of Anhui. noted for his landscape painting and writHe passed the chu sheng degree in the Ming period but after the fall of the dynasty, stopped studying for examinations and gave most of his time to painting and calligraphy. He came of a well-to-do family, was a connoisseur of bronze ing. and paintings of the Sung and Yiian periods, and enjoyed a quiet, leisurely life. His serene approach to life is reflected in his art. Using great economy of line, he painted in the natural,

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