East Wind A True Story

East Wind A True Story

Lessil Richards

Language: English

Pages: 226

ISBN: 1469939851

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This is the amazing true story of the ten years that the authors spent in the country of South-West Africa, now known as Namibia. During the last three years of their stay, Jacquie Richards co-owned a restaurant and boarding house in the sea-side resort town of Swakopmund. This book follows the owners and boarders of J.J.'s through heartfelt trials and tribulations with memories of unique people and captivating experiences. A compelling page-turner that is well worth the read!

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this chore. What was a chore to me was a delight to Helen. She could leave the children in the care of a servant and spend the entire afternoon shopping. As she also did most of the grocery shopping for the restaurant during her afternoons, it was a sincere relief to me. She was used to her mother’s grumbling and didn’t take it as personally as I always did. Helen found many things to make upgrades to the rooms upstairs. She found different fabric for curtains, throw rugs she liked better,

a huge butcher knife. She was chasing Sorel around and around the kitchen table. He was trying to have some dialogue with her. “Why are you so angry? I just want to know why you won’t go out with me anymore. Why are you chasing me? Can’t we stop and just talk? What the hell is going on here? Stop! You idiot! Stop!” From Helen: “I told you, I’m not interested in you! Get out of my life! I don’t want to talk to you anymore! It’s over! If you ever come around me again, I’ll kill you!” “Sorel! Get

wanted to know if I had heard that Andre was dead. He had been involved in a deadly car crash at Tsumeb. Apparently he had moved north to that mining town looking for work. He was riding in a car with some friends, and they were involved in a wreck and Andre was killed. I never found out the particulars. I don’t know who was driving or how many people lost their lives. The guilt set in. If I would have given Andre one more chance, would he have been able to pull it together and still be alive?

the water transformation from level ground instead of from the wonderful vantage point of the big mountain on the far side of the stream. One of the interesting facts was that when the water ran, there were suddenly fish in the previously dry river beds. I have been told that they are called lung fish and that when the river is drying up, they burrow down and bury themselves in the mud. They live in these self-imposed prisons throughout the dry seasons, breathing air. When the water comes again

marriage broke up I had three little children and no way to support them. When Ernest came along and offered to marry me, I accepted, even though he was much younger than me and I knew I didn’t love him. He promised to take care of my kids and educate them. I promised to have one of his. He kept his promise and my three older kids are all educated because I made a pact with the devil, so to speak. Now I have to live with it. He’s angry because I never loved him like he needed and deserved. I have

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