E-Banking and Emerging Multidisciplinary Processes: Social, Economical and Organizational Models (Premier Reference Source)

E-Banking and Emerging Multidisciplinary Processes: Social, Economical and Organizational Models (Premier Reference Source)

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The innovative utilization of the Internet and other information and communication technologies in the banking sector has created somewhat of an e-banking phenomenon.

E-Banking and Emerging Multidisciplinary Processes: Social, Economical and Organizational Models advances the knowledge and practice of all facets of electronic banking. This cutting edge publication emphasizes emerging e-banking theories, technologies, strategies, and challenges to stimulate and disseminate information to research, business, and banking communities. It develops a comprehensive framework for e-banking through a multidisciplinary approach, while taking into account the implications it has on traditional banks, businesses, and economies.

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production, monitoring, and maintenance of goods and processes C. Product Safety, Quality and Information Applications to ensure quality (e.g., sensors to monitor temperature) and product safety (e.g., fight against counterfeiting) D. Access Control and Tracking & Tracing of Individuals Single function tags for identification and authorisation applications for entry control and ticketing E. Loyalty, Membership and Payment Smart Card based identification and authorisation systems for

misusing information or access to important information The capacity to transport high volume of information Decrease of cost and increase of income with regard to the fact that there is no need to make a separate infra structure to use NFC Increase of security: Since the important information about the identity of the person and bank account information are stored in the chip and cell phone, NFC system enjoy a high of security. Using NFC makes it possible to change using several cards of

foreign banks have been excluded from the list due to the different style of operation and management in these banks. Accordingly, 100 banks were selected which present most of the local banks in the Persian Gulf countries. Table 1 shows the types and number of participated banks. These banks comprise four types: commercial, investment, specialist and Islamic banks. Instrument In gathering information pertaining to the current study, a questionnaire was used as the main instrument for data

frauds) stood at US$5,957 as at 2001 – a figure that place this version of fraud second among all categories of Internet frauds. The major focus of the Act, in this regard, is that tracking down the origins of funds allegedly from proceeds of illegal transactions (such as 419, drug trafficking and terrorism sponsorship) is as good as tracking down the culprits. While this may be effective from the point of view of prosecuting offenders, its capacity to deterred 419 fraudsters is doubtful in that

however would require some empirical validation. Researches here would centre on the degree and nature of Internet banking intermediation. Internet Banking Strategy in a Highly Volatile Business Environment iii. iv. v. vi. Future researches can also going to focus on the possibility of Internet regulatory convergence among countries. This would be targeted at resolving the problem of jurisprudence that normally challenges global Internet business regulations. Future Internet banking

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