Drawing A Hypothesis: Figures of Thought

Drawing A Hypothesis: Figures of Thought

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 3990434233

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Drawing a Hypothesis is a reader on the ontology of forms of visualizations and on the development of the diagrammatic view and its use in contemporary art, science and theory. In a process of exchange with artists and scientists, Nikolaus Gansterer reveals drawing as a media of research enabling the emergence of new narratives and ideas by tracing the speculative potential of diagrams. Based on a discursive analysis of found figures with the artists’ own diagrammatic maps and models, the invited authors create unique correlations between thinking and drawing. Due to its ability to mediate between perception and reflection, drawing proves to be one of the most basic instruments of scientific and artistic practice, and plays an essential role in the production and communication of knowledge. The book is a rich compendium of figures of thought, which moves from scientific representation through artistic interpretation and vice versa.

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envisages, on the one hand, the power of nature harnessed by machines determined graphically part by part, and on the other hand, the knowledge of nature, described by geometry, turned to the profit of the arts. When Monge mentions the construction of perspectives and of shadows as notable applications of the method, it is as if he 1) Gaspard Monge. Geometric descriptive. Paris, Baudouin, 1799. Anthony Auerbach - Grapheus Was Here ./' ~ \$ , ~ ,. ~d ".iJt;:' ~¥b ~ J> i' ~ ~ ~ Fig.09-05b

and 'diagrammatic figures of order' was not yet really clarified. The majority of forms assembled on the diagram deal with designations of figures of order. Clarification is still needed on how figures of thought are related to the figures of order. 4) In her letter from 24 August 2004, Astrit Schmidt-Burkhardt commented on this diagram with the words "elementary ... flmdamental ... inexorable", and she continued: "fonn questions/figures of thought, these must been seen together." From my

expressible or the expressed of the proposition, and the attribute of the state of atfairs. It turns one side toward things and one side toward propositions. But it does not merge with the proposition which expresses it any more than with the state of affairs or the quality which the proposition denotes. It is exactly the boundary between propositions and things." Schematising as a Figure of Thought Shadow Images as a Figure of Thought to 'rhizomatic thinking', among other things, in his

"amazement at the animal world", the wish "to avert dangers", or "to bring Joseph Ki-Zerbo, f)ie Geschichte Schwarz-Afrikas (Original French edition: Joseph Ki-Zerbo, Histoire de I 'Afrique Noire, Paris, 1978; Angloamerican edition: UNESCO General History of' Af'rica, Oakland, 1990) Wuppertal, 1979, p. 51 I Brian M. Fagan, Auf: bruch aus dem Faradies (The Journey fitim Eden. The Peopling of' Our World, London, 1990), Munich, 1991, p. 183 I Andre Leroi-Gourhan, Prahistorische Kunst (Prehistoire

up from the monitor and refocus, I see that the sheets look mainly like bright white spots where there used to be coloured book spines with unreadably small writing on them. 2) In order to observe them more clearly, I have to get up and stand directly in front of them. Over the past few weeks and days, I have done this repeatedly; in the end I stopped making changes to the order they were hanging in, since in the meantime I had become used to this washing-line of drawings, parts of which had

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