Double the Peas: Meatless Meals for Your Family / Peas and Thank You and More Peas, Thank You

Double the Peas: Meatless Meals for Your Family / Peas and Thank You and More Peas, Thank You

Sarah Matheny

Language: English

Pages: 388

ISBN: 2:00258306

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Uploader's Note: This is a volume that is actually two books that are already uploaded to bibliotik. Please make sure you don't already have these before downloading! Book titles are Peas and Thank You and More Peas, Thank You.

Sarah Matheny, creator of the popular blog Peas and Thank You, knew there'd be skeptics when she eliminated animal products from her family's diet. But Sarah believed she could teach her entire family to love their veggies—land you can, too!

Peas and Thank You, a New York Times bestseller, is a collection of recipes and personal stories from a mainstream family eating a not-so-mainstream diet: no meat, lots of fresh ingredients and plenty of nutrition for growing—and picky!—Peas. Now, it's easier than ever to whip up crowd-pleasing meals that will have the whole family asking for "more, Peas."

More Peas, Thank You brings even more mouthwatering recipes that are guaranteed to please the whole family. "Mama Pea" has lightened up family favorites like cinnamon rolls, tacos, lasagna and brownies, using fresh, nutritious ingredients. From hearty breakfasts to easy snacks and tempting desserts, there's something here for everyone to love.

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foil-wrapped pillows in his hand before the girls are clamoring to try one on the way home where we fill them with black beans, non-dairy cheese, sautéed vegetables, salsa and guacamole. As much as I know that a little of anything LOVINGLY APPROVED by REGISTERED DIETICIANS isn’t going to kill them, I’d really prefer if we tried to avoid rendered animal fat. Were I not willing to compromise, I’d offer up my favorite sprouted grain wraps. They don’t exactly melt in your mouth, and are not what

Facebook and Photoshop out of our photos. After four rides in a row on the Tower of Terror, I wasn’t thrilled about dashing across the park to make it to Splash Mountain. I wanted to sit on a bench and eat a Mickey-shaped Rice Krispies Square the size of my head, go to the bathroom and then do it again. If I had a dollar for every time I told Pea Daddy that I “just don’t feel right,” I’d have ordered a dozen more Rice Krispies Squares. Our general approach to meals in the park was grab and go,

then drop it from the roof to see if it safely lands on the ground below. Our tofu lessons are of a philosophical nature: We don’t try to make tofu something it isn’t. It’s a lesson I take very seriously. Transforming tofu into something that meat eaters enjoy has admittedly been a struggle. My list of attempts reads like a scene out of Forrest Gump: tofu meatballs, tofu crab cakes, fried tofu fingers, coconut-coated tofu, tofu à la king. You get the picture. I tossed batch after batch of

table. I might as well have screamed, “Look at my huge uterus!” while I was at it. And a banana? Completely out of the question. After about two weeks of observing the opening of grease-soaked takeout boxes and huge slabs of oily bread being dabbed in pungent, brightly colored sauces, the senior partner insisted I try a plate. Can’t I just eat a banana in a bikini instead? I was pleasantly surprised though at the familiar tastes: curry, coconut milk, ginger, garlic, cilantro, lime. And though I

lovingly become known as “Mama Pea’s Balls.” INGREDIENTS � cup non-dairy margarine (i.e., Earth Balance) � cup natural peanut butter � cup organic brown sugar � cup organic powdered sugar � teaspoon vanilla extract 1 teaspoon baking powder � teaspoon baking soda � teaspoon salt 1 cup whole wheat pastry or white whole wheat flour � cup unbleached organic flour non-dairy or organic milk (if needed) � cup non-dairy chocolate chips � cup natural peanut butter chips DIRECTIONS 1 Using a

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