Doctor In The Swim

Doctor In The Swim

Language: English

Pages: 164

ISBN: 1842324993

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Dr Grimsdyke was only too pleased to discover that he was sitting next to the luscious Lucy Squiffington on his flight home. Several hours in her company was bound to go well – in fact it went rather too well seeing as how the long-suffering Anemone was waiting for him back home. A fact Grimsdyke seemed to have completely forgotten. And as if juggling two women wasn’t enough, the Jellybone sisters then enter the scene with a troupe of female contortionists neatly in tow – hardly likely to help straighten things out for poor Grimsdyke. As he ponders his options, Grimsdyke falls headlong into a series of hilarious mishaps that leave him almost on the point of drowning.

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everything out and in a few minutes was wafting us away in the air-conditioned Cadillac. ‘Gee, Lancelot, I’m mighty sorry a mistake like that happened,’ our host tried to console him. Sir Lancelot grunted. ‘New York sure is a confusing city. Yes, sir,’ he reflected. ‘I guess you need to relax. Say, how about taking my Boeing down to my ranch in Colorado tomorrow?’ ‘Kind of you, Archbold, but I really don’t think–’ ‘Gee, I guess you’ll find it just like home down there. I gotta butler from

Staff of Life. ‘I fear, Grimsdyke, that I have, all considered, had rather too much of executives’ health.’ ‘And that’s why I’m flying back alone,’ I explained to Lucy Squiffington, after making the story last a good slice of the Atlantic. ‘But you poor dear! New York certainly lived up to its reputation as one of the world’s most exciting cities.’ ‘Oh, things quietened down a good deal once I got Sir Lancelot airborne. After that, I used to clock in at the conference in the morning, then slip

airport. I wanted to offer you a lift into Town in my car.’ ‘That Customs man was a bit foxed over the tariff on models of the Empire State Building, with snowstorm.’ ‘But that isn’t all. I got home to find George had turned up. He’s in a terrible state.’ ‘I’d suggest a cup of black coffee and an aspirin for a start–’ ‘I mean, the poor dear’s in an awful state of nerves. I’m sure his work is getting far too much for him, Gaston. He really ought to see a doctor, but Mummy’s in St Tropez and

co-respondent was pretty easy,’ I reflected to Miles some time later, when he was already coming up for his second turn on the divan. ‘It’s the theatre of operations which presents the difficulty. Why the devil do you want to get a divorce in July, particularly when it looks as though we’re in for a heatwave? It’s absolutely ruddy impossible to book a double room at the seaside anywhere. At least, in a hotel where they have waiters to bring up the breakfast.’ ‘We shall need a single room as

Washington’s teeth and Hitler’s eyesight via cannibalism and arrives at more contemporary enigmas – such as why do so many doctors write books? Happy Families Now living in the heart of British suburbia, BR1 2AX to be precise, Richard Gordon has adopted local dress and is conversant with many of the customs – he now washes his car as often as he cleans his teeth. As the seasons progress, this comic safari explores au pairs and Christmas, the problems of dieting and learning languages, births and

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