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Doctor at Sea

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when he was steward on a Greek tramp and had won from the skipper, an incorrigible but luckless gambler, as a final stake one night in the Mediterranean the exclusive services of his stout but agreeable wife until Gibraltar. ‘There’s something, Doctor,’ Easter went on. ‘One of the crew took queer in the night.’ ‘What’s wrong with him?’ ‘Vomiting and suchlike. Shall I chase him up here?’ ‘I think we’d better pay a domiciliary visit.’ The patient was a young deckhand. He was lying on his bunk,

complexion like an old football and a face as threatening as a battleship’s gun-turret. I found him sitting in the hospital chair, holding his jaw and moaning. ‘Merry Christmas,’ I said. I shone a torch in his mouth and announced ‘It’ll have to come out.’ ‘OK, Doc,’ he said, squaring his shoulders. ‘I can take it.’ We had fortunately found a pair of dental forceps on board, and I hoped they would fit the tooth. I had never extracted one before, but from the ranks of dentists I had seen in

in Buenos Aires for at least a fortnight, and the Frigorifico, though of superb interest as a commercial and technical undertaking and with appreciable merit as an example of functional design, would soon become oppressive as the largest segment of my daily horizon. I hadn’t even the bus fare to the City. While I was examining these bleak thoughts Trail came and leaned next to me. We discussed our condition in a few words. ‘There’s not much to be done here if you’re broke,’ he observed. ‘We

abnormal. I wished sincerely that he would foam at the mouth or do something equally spectacular when we got in. When Easter brought my tea I admitted my difficulties to him. ‘I think the Captain is insane,’ I told him. ‘Ho, yes,’ he said. ‘He’s as mad as a fiddler’s bitch.’ ‘You’ve noticed it too, have you?’ ‘Dr Flowerday always reckoned he was.’ ‘Did he do anything about it?’ ‘Used to slip the cook half a dollar to lace his tea with a Mickey when he was real bad.’ ‘I hadn’t thought of

brother-in-law. The jokes positively spill from this elegantly written and languorously witty tale that includes Sir Lancelot, the Queen, a totally impractical new building, and the voluptuous young daughter of the trendy hospital chaplain. ‘The jokes spill forth fresh and funny… Not a book to read on a train: it’s impossible to keep a straight face’ – Sunday Telegraph Doctor in the Soup This witty medical mystery sees the deeply ambitions Jim Whynn, MP for Churchford, and his wife Charlotte join

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