Dickson's Joke Treasury: An Anthology of Gags, Bits, Puns and Jests-- And How To Tell Them

Dickson's Joke Treasury: An Anthology of Gags, Bits, Puns and Jests-- And How To Tell Them

Paul Dickson

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 0471556661

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A revised and expanded version of the author's previous book Jokes. There is a new chapter featuring tips and anecdotes from such luminaries as Bill Novak, Leo Rosten, Charles Osgood and Tip O'Neill. All jokes are ``clean'' and there are chapters on flies in the soup jokes, unintended puns, knock-knock jokes, shaggy dog jokes and many others. Includes a bibliography of joke books and magazines.

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You can't make a money out of me. Possibilities are endless, just as they are with Little-known Towns. The late Russe II J. Dunn, Sr., of Lakewood, Ohio, played for many years with a number of formats including this one: 69 70 DICKSON'S JOKE TRf.ASUlY Ooola, La. Income, Tex. Hiuor, Miss. Coco, Colo. Farmerina, Del. Noaz, Ark. Lowe, Cal. Acapel, La. Sweetasapls, Ida. Doremifaso, La. Sheza, Tenn. Carr, Wash. Shapeless, Mass. Goodness, Me. Deathly, Ill. Praise, Ala. Proan, Conn . Inert, Mass.

planned into the next century. One group has already picked the topics for its 1994 and 1995 conferences, which are, respectively, "Epiphany: The Humor of Sudden Insight," and "Shibboleths: Humor for In-bonding and Out-bonding." Commenting on the phenomenon in the New York Times way back in 1973, Israel Shenker noted that things had already gotten to the point where "Tickling has generated a ponderous literature all its own .... " • Human subjects have been hooked to electrodes, injected with

the shark says, "It's okay Mac, I'm over twenty·one." A man walks into a bar with a frog growing out of his ear. "When did you first notice it?" the bartender asks. "It started as a wart," replies the frog . A rabbit and a lion come into a bar together and order mar· tinis. The bartender puts out a bowl of peanuts, a bowl of popcorn, and a bowl of pretzels, which the rabbit begins eating. The lion just sips his martini. "What's the matter?" asks the bartender of the lion. "Aren't you hungry?"

"Don't be silly,'' the rabbit answers. "If he were hungry, do you think I'd be sitting here?" A man walks into a Third Avenue bar with his dog and orders two Manhattans: one for himself and one for the dog. Both knock 140 DICKSON'S JOKE TREASUitY back their drinks, eat the peels and cherries, chew up the glasses, and then spit the stems over their shoulders. The process is repeated three times. Finally the man takes a look at the bartender, puts his arm around the dog, and says, "I bet you

old as you." "But I'm only 48," says the lawyer. "Funny," says St. Peter. "You've billed for so many hours we thought you were 80." Three men arrive at the gates of heaven at the same time. St. Peter tells them they all have been admitted, and he will assign each of them a vehicle to use during their eternal stay. He says that he will assign the vehicle based on their marital fidelity. He asks the first man if he had been a faithful husband and is told that he never strayed from the bed of the

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