Creative Techniques in Colored Pencil, Graphite, and Oil Painting: Step-by-Step Projects for Teens and Adults

Creative Techniques in Colored Pencil, Graphite, and Oil Painting: Step-by-Step Projects for Teens and Adults

Veronica Winters

Language: English

Pages: 156

ISBN: 1492137952

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Discover the secrets of rendering subjects correctly and creatively in various mediums, from pencil to paint. In this easy-to-use drawing and painting guide packed with hundreds of illustrations and 20 step-by-step demonstrations, learn everything you need to know about materials, techniques, subjects, and methods. This handy, reference book with teen-friendly, fun subjects is a book that burgeoning artists will turn to again and again for creative inspiration. Learn how to: - Draw and paint in graphite, charcoal, colored pencil, pastel and oil; - Master tone gradations and colors; - Create beautiful compositions; - Use correct proportions and perspective; - See basic shapes in complex objects; - Develop artistic thinking; - Create fun and imaginative artwork; - Find solutions to drawing problems; - Create art that educates and inspires.

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the lines and paper nice and clean. Watch for the unique direction each cherry is taking. Reserve enough background space around your cherries. Tap the final outlines with the kneaded eraser. Drawing fruit is easy and fun. Try to draw your subjects from life, paying particular attention to light direction, colors and transitions in values (tones). And it’s best to arrange a still life that has strong shadows. Thus, experiment with the light source and find the most intriguing position to

43). Add a cord and a plug. Now, if proportions and overall composition look good, use the ruler to strengthen sketchy lines. Draw lava bubbles freehand. Step 2 This step involves shading the lava lamp from dark to light. Focus on the darkest areas first, blocking them in with a flat side of 4-6B graphite pencil. The darkest shapes in the lamp repeat its cylindrical form and have soft edges. Draw the table line with sharpened 6B pencil and shade the area right next to that line. Vary the

roughness or smoothness of any surface, an illusion of feeling in our drawing. Tonal Foundation – The basic value of a color applied across relatively wide area in the picture. (The background color can be middle gray with other value variations added later). U Underpainting – The first layer of a painted image, done in one color with tonal gradations of light and shade. Unity – A sense of harmony or completeness in painting. V Vanishing point – The apex of converging lines situated on

Cretacolor, Derwent, and Caran d’Ache. Prismacolor Premier colored pencils are used in all demos throughout this book. Artist-grade colored pencils are divided into two groups: lightfast and not lightfast. Lightfast pencils are more expensive and offer a smaller color selection but they won’t fade quickly with time. Also, hard Prismacolor Verithin pencils or SOHO colored pencils are OK for detailed work and can be used in combination with your soft pencils. Colored pencils are sold both in sets

techniques section of the book. They are used for cleaning oil paint but not acrylic. Other Rags or paper towels are needed for cleaning and whipping off the brushes. What is gesso? Gesso is white primer applied to store-bought canvas. Many artists make their own canvases and thus apply two or three layers of gesso over the cotton duck or linen to make it ready for oil or acrylic painting. Canvases for painting cotton and linen canvas Canvas is made of two materials, cotton

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