Couples (How to Draw Manga, Volume 28)

Couples (How to Draw Manga, Volume 28)

Hikaru Hayashi

Language: English

Pages: 131

ISBN: 2:00288486

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Based on the concept of learning to draw animals by starting with a single line (head and backbone), this volume provides tips on drawing animals without having to go through the steps of practicing complicated skeletal and muscular structures. The book faithfully traces techniques from drawing, realistic images to techniques of deformation used to make figures appear cute and cuddly.

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hand on the shoulder, hip, or back of the head, you can convey consideration, affection, and kindness by not bending the fingers very much. Bending the fingers more and increasing the space between the fingers conveys roughness and strength, if not, a blunt lack of sensitivity. 60 I The toes of one of the characters are directly below the chin or beyond it. Having the palm of the hand facing inward expresses acceptance and assertiveness. The weight of the character is over the foot in front.

male's chest. ,------~-~---~ Unable to clasp hands Width of The female has to open up her arms to match the width of the male. It is difficult for the female to wrap her arms around the trunk of the male because of · 's thickness. 64 The male's elbow joints bend at around the back of the female's shoulders. The male can wrap his arms around the female with ease. The female cannot wrap her arms around the male from The female's hands reach as far as the middle of the male's back. female

the overall picture, but the hands placed casually on the wrist and shoulder suggest the fearless personality of the boy in the back as well as the relationship between the two characters. + Kent Simazaki + Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan +Tools+ • Main lines and characters: G-pen tip (Zebra) • Fine lines and background: Maru-pen tip (Zebra) • Rough sketch: mechanical pencil (0.5 mm, B) 114 Make the shadow of the breasts sharp and boldly solid using black. By doing this, you can

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