Cartooning 1: Learn the Basics of Cartooning (Beginning Artists)

Cartooning 1: Learn the Basics of Cartooning (Beginning Artists)

Language: English

Pages: 31

ISBN: 1939581044

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Step-by-step lessons featuring simple instructions invites you into the cartooning world and shows you how to draw and create a variety of lovable characters.

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bowl and bone help Prince feel his doghouse is his castle. The individual boards of the roof suggest the architect was a 10-year-old. HOT WHEELS Cars can be long, lean limos or brawny RVs. This sporty little car has been stripped of distracting details. Maybe you’d like to do a little additional customizing. Hey, you’re the boss. HOUSING PROJECT Even houses can be designed to have a whimsical cartoon personality. Softening the lines of the roof and walls accentuate the warmth of this

way and that until it’s just the way I want it. TRACE IT If you prefer working on tracing paper but want your final cartoon to be on a thick paper stock, here’s how you do it: First ink over your masterpiece on tracing paper, and then photocopy it onto card stock. You can even color it in with felt-tip markers for some additional pizzazz! Create a Collection of References As you go along, begin to establish your own reference library. In addition to books on cartooning, animation, and

shapes start with the letter “B”—bean, ball, balloon, and banana! Now, what comes to mind? A warty witch? A silly sailor? SCARY PAIR The “nagging wife” provides a perfect opportunity for exaggeration in a cartoon. The extreme angle of Screaming Mimi’s body combined with her contorted face gives added force to her foghorn yell. Long locks, scraggly beard, and hairy arms give beefy Biker Bob the requisite woolly-boolly look. Getting a Graphic Start These drawings have been created using as

and the toes face west. Feel free to be as wacky as you “wanna” be. Critter Crazy ONE TRICK FOR DRAWING CARTOON ANIMALS is to think of them as an assembly of simple shapes, like globes, sausages, pears, and eggs. By playing off the natural colors and markings of your animal characters, you can have critters who are spotted, striped, and wildly colored, adding to the visual excitement. Animals work well in zany cartoons. The dog-chasing-cat-chasing-mouse scenario has had a lot of mileage,

anything but hard and heroic-looking. I drew the basic structure of the head and then filled out the lower half, obliterating the neck and leaving only a hint of a chin. Rounded curves under the eyes, full cheeks, and a simpering mouth add to the effect of softness. Body Building THE NEXT LOGICAL STEP after drawing faces is to tackle the whole darn figure. Taking a life drawing class can be very beneficial, but you can also just grab your sketchbook and park yourself on a park bench. Knock

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