Big Little Book Of Playboy's Party Jokes

Big Little Book Of Playboy's Party Jokes

Editors of Playboy Magazine

Language: English

Pages: 408

ISBN: 2:00266428

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Culled from more than fifty years of joketelling,
Big Little Book of Playboy Party Jokes
is a collection of the most uproarious shaggy
dogs, one-liners, ditties, and zingers ever
to appear in the pages of Playboy magazine


A Sample:

Doctor In The Swim (Doctor Series, Book 8)

The Midden

Surgeon at Arms

Royce: The life, times, best jokes and funniest photos of America's favorite clean comedian


















anding mone · because he or he claim to be the person who m ail ed in tl1e joke. l11e e letters a lway am aze m e becaw.e Ute writet· i as5uming he or he is the on! p erson in the world who know this paniru lar j oke. In reality, we ge t hundreds of the a me joke each month. But o nce a person commits a joke to m emory·. he ~um es a cenain ownership of it, a lmost as if he wrote it hin elf. l11at' the great power of hu mor. Pr~fau fJ vii On rare occasions, omeonc write in to complain that a

joke we publi hed cro ed the line into impropriety. I u~ed to view the c ru rants from members of an uptight ociet . But now I realize that people get offended b jok becau e at the hean of ea h r;

said. But after a few more drinks his tongue and resolution both seemed to weaken and, tuming to his buddy, he aid, "O K. It' your wi fe." " My wife!" "Yeah." "What about her?" Conrad pondered the que lion heavily, and draped his a 1111 around hi pal. " \\'e ll, buddy-boy,•· he aid, " I'm afraid she' cheating on us." 106 rJ Big Lillie /Jook o[ PLAYBOY Party j okes Arriving h ome unexpectedly from a business trip, the husband fo und his wife in bed with hi best friend, in what may be

passed ilirough the center of Libertyville at peeds in exc of ixt miles per hour?" ll1e wi fe turned pale, but retained her remarkable elf-control, and her voi e \\-dS almo t perfectJ teady as he asked, "What was that date again?.. u.~ngmg pousa fJ 111 , H arry constantly in·itated hi friends wil11 his eternal optimism. mau er how bad the situation, he ,,·ould always ay, " h could 0 have been worse.'' To cure him of this annoying habit, his Iiiends decided to invent a siruation so completely

dead right now.'' Originally sclteduled for all-night duty at L11e station, P"dUulman Michael Fenwick was relieved early, and tltus arrived home fo m· hours ahead of chedule. It was nearly two A.M., and hoping to get into bed witl1out waking his '"ife, he decided to undres in tl1e dark. But as he cro eel tl1e room to climb into bed, his wife sat up and lcepily asked, "Mike, dearest, would you go down to tlte all-night druhrstore in Ute next block and get me a box of aspirin? My head i splitting."

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