Between Shades of Gray

Between Shades of Gray

Ruta Sepetys

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 014242059X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"Few books are beautifully written, fewer still are important; this novel is both."--The Washington Post

From New York Times bestseller Ruta Sepetys, author of Salt to the Sea

A New York Times notable book
An International Bestseller
A Carnegie Medal Nominee

Fifteen-year-old Lina is a Lithuanian girl living an ordinary life--until Soviet officers invade her home and tear her family apart. Separated from her father and forced onto a crowded train, Lina, her mother, and her young brother make their way to a Siberian work camp, where they are forced to fight for their lives. Lina finds solace in her art, documenting these events by drawing. Risking everything, she imbeds clues in her drawings of their location and secretly passes them along, hoping her drawings will make their way to her father's prison camp. But will strength, love, and hope be enough for Lina and her family to survive?

A moving and haunting novel for readers of The Book Thief

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and opened it on my bed. Exactly a year before, the Soviets had begun moving troops over the borders into the country. Then, in August, Lithuania was officially annexed into the Soviet Union. When I complained at the dinner table, Papa yelled at me and told me to never, ever say anything derogatory about the Soviets. He sent me to my room. I didn’t say anything out loud after that. But I thought about it a lot. “Shoes, Jonas, extra socks, a coat!” I heard Mother yell down the hallway. I took

her head in her hands, and our truck driving away, the tires spitting gravel onto Ona’s dead body. 28 WE DROVE INTO A LARGE collective farming area. Clusters of decrepit one-room cabins formed a shanty village. The warm sun was clearly temporary. Buildings pitched at a slant, their warped roofs warning of extreme weather. The guards ordered us off the truck. Andrius hung his head, standing close to his mother. They began directing us to what I thought were our own shacks, but when Miss

of The Pickwick Papers. Pages 6-11 were torn out. Page 12 had a smudge of dirt on it. I grasped the gold picture frame and took it out of the suitcase, staring at my father’s face. I wondered where the handkerchief was. I had to send more. “Kostas,” said Mother, looking over my shoulder. I handed her the frame. Her index finger lovingly traced my father’s face and then her mother’s. “It’s wonderful that you brought this. You have no idea how it lifts my spirit. Please, keep it safe.” I opened

is. It’s calling us,” I said, memorizing the light and shadow to paint later. I kicked off my sandals. “Let’s go.” “I don’t have my bathing suit,” said Joana. “Neither do I. So what?” “So what? Lina, we can’t swim naked,” she said. “Who said anything about swimming naked?” I asked. I waded into the black water in my dress. “Lina! For goodness’ sake, what are you doing?” gasped Joana. I held out my arms and traced the moon shadows on the water. My skirt lifted, weightless. “C’mon, it’s

moved away from him and opened it. My hands trembled. There were photos of our family, and papers attached to the folder. My heart sank. It was all in Russian. I turned to Andrius. He grabbed the file from my hand. “Please,” I begged. “Tell me what it says.” “Are you really that selfish? Or are you just stupid? They’ll kill you and your family,” he said. “No.” I grabbed his arm. “Please, Andrius. It might help me find my father. You heard him on the train. I can help him find us. I can send

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