Beer (Eyewitness Companions)

Beer (Eyewitness Companions)

Michael Jackson

Language: English

Pages: 289

ISBN: 2:00035999

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This title helps you learn all about your favourite beer with expert advice and information from a team of specialists, introduced by the world's best-selling beer writer Michael Jackson. You can uncover drinks from every significant brewing region as well as less well-known areas. You can find out why beers taste the way they do, how to appreciate flavour, aroma, texture and finish, and identify your own favourite style. You can meet the producers and explore their origins, history and particular brewing processes. Plus, get to the bottom of bottles, barrels and breweries and discover how to identify the labels, choose the correct glasses and locate the breweries. This is an exciting addition to "Eyewitness Companions"; the visual reference series covering favourite hobbies and pastimes from French Cheeses and Opera to Horse Riding.

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of the St Sixtus name and the monk’s image on the labels. Since losing the case, the brewery has changed the labels of its abbey range no fewer than five times. St Bernardus currently exports more than 40 per cent of its total production, and brews two versions of Grottenbier for exHoegaarden (see p.137) brewer Pierre Celis. Abt 12 10.0% ABV • Quadruple • Amber to copper; nose of raisins, pears, and bananas; palate is slightly bitter, syrupy, and spicy; coconut- and bananalike in the alcoholic,

dominate initially, then a a delicate and well-balanced balance of hop and malt nutty flavour. becomes more apparent. ARCHERS Penzance Drive, Swindon, Wiltshire SN5 7JL This brewery is set in the former weighhouse of the Great Western Railway locomotive works. In 2001, it underwent a massive £2m modernization programme, which included a new, stateof-the-art laboratory. Archers has a huge variety of cask-conditioned ales in its portfolio – 190 produced BADGER Hall &

Romania”. The town is situated in the heart of Transylvania and hosts an annual beer festival in September. Baltika is the largest brewer in Russia and all of Eastern Europe. The company Ursus Premium Pils 5.0% ABV was established in • Lager • Pale golden, with St Petersburg in 1990, a lively carbonation; has a malty aroma with a hint and since 1996 it has of fresh hops and bread. been the dominant Lemony notes grace the force on the Russian finish; dry aftertaste. beer market. Baltika Aldara

Berkeley, California. The water in Berkeley is apparently almost identical to that used by the Trumer brewery in Salzburg. Pils 5.0% ABV • Pilsner Light straw in colour, with an extremely stable foamy head and an intense herbal hop aroma. Possesses just enough body to dominate the dry aftertaste. 190 great brewing nations Switzerland Bern • Zurich • Gräubunden • St Gallen • Thurgau Most of Switzerland’s mainstream beers are now brewed by Heineken and Carlsberg, and lack distinctive

Frauenfeld’s malt, which gives it an Aktienbrauerei (producer of orange hue. Monsteiner WätterguogeBier 4.5% ABV • Amber lager 192 great brewing nations Scandinavia Denmark • Norway • Sweden • Finland Farmhouse-brewing is a community ritual in Europe’s far north. The Finns emphasize rye and juniper. The Scandinavians speak of Viking yeasts. And when the midnight sun has vanished, Russian and Scottish influences are evident in warming porters like Koff and Carnegie. Despite a recent history

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