The Bar Book: Elements of Cocktail Technique

The Bar Book: Elements of Cocktail Technique

Jeffrey Morgenthaler, Martha Holmberg

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 145211384X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Written by renowned bartender and cocktail blogger Jeffrey Morgenthaler, The Bar Book is the only technique-driven cocktail handbook out there. This indispensable guide breaks down bartending into essential techniques, and then applies them to building the best drinks. More than 60 recipes illustrate the concepts explored in the text, ranging from juicing, garnishing, carbonating, stirring, and shaking to choosing the correct ice for proper chilling and dilution of a drink. With how-to photography to provide inspiration and guidance, this book breaks new ground for the home cocktail enthusiast.

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1 Ice cub es 2 oz/60 ml chilled soda water 1 lemon peel for garnish CHILLED COLLINS GL ASS 56 T H E BAR BO O K / ELEMENTS OF COCKTAIL TECHNIQUE SO DA WATE R Today the modern bartender has a number of options for carbonated water in cocktails. The simplest, and certainly least sustainable, method is to purchase bottled soda water, also known as sparkling water. There are a number of companies willing to separate you from your money in this department, each touting a long-standing European

2 oz/60 ml b ourb on whiskey Large ice cub es Large ice cub es 1 lime peel for garnish MAKES 1 DRINK 1 orange peel for garnish Occasionally we’ll encounter rum drinkers who may have been exposed to the spirit only through tropical fruit-based concoctions. So when we’re asked to whip up something different with rum, this is often the first drink we’ll turn to. 1 tsp/5 ml 1:1 Demerara syrup (see page 78) CHILLED OLD -FA SHIONED GL A S S CHILLED OLD -FA SHIONED GL A S S Combine the Demerara

production in Sudan, and there were calls for a boycott of all products using it. Bin Laden’s holdings had already been divested by the Sudanese government six years earlier, and fortunately the story died quickly— but not before many commercial food producers changed their ingredient lists to read “gum acacia” rather than “gum arabic” in an attempt to distance themselves from this myth. CHAPTER NO. 5 / C O M P O UN D SY R U PS 91 GU M SY RU P Gum arabic (or gum acacia, as it is often

Frederic, who turned down his admission to Harvard, preferring instead to hang out at the family estate, hunting and fishing. Perhaps while sipping an iced drink one day, Frederic had an early inspiration: somebody ought to bring this stuff to the tropics. Beginning in 1806, with an entrepreneurial mania and a few thousand of his father’s dollars, Tudor bought ships; packed ice; braved oceans, skeptics, and tropical heat; and eventually established a worldwide ice trade, bringing ice from

groups of fifteen lemons. I weighed each group of lemons, making small adjustments between the groups so that each group weighed more or less the same, and then I gave each group a different treatment. I left these in the refrigerator; this was to be my control group. After all, the fridge is where most of us at home (and all of us in the bar and restaurant business) keep our fruit. GROUP 1: G R O U P 2 : The second group I left out in a bowl on my kitchen counter overnight (about nine hours). 24

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