The American Cocktail: 50 Recipes That Celebrate the Craft of Mixing Drinks from Coast to Coast

The American Cocktail: 50 Recipes That Celebrate the Craft of Mixing Drinks from Coast to Coast

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 081187799X

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France has wine, Germany's got beer, but America is the land of the cocktail. And cocktail culture is flourishing with bartenders across America combining local, artisanal, and homemade ingredients to create drinks with complex layers of flavor. From the editors of Imbibe Magazine comes this unique book filled with 50 favorites from some of the best bartenders coast to coast offering modern twists on classic drinks, plus all-new creations, complete with a look into each recipe's inception and unique ingredients. Whether it's a marionberry bramble from Jeffrey Morgenthaler in Portland, Oregon, or a strawberry julep from Jenni Pittman Louisville, Kentucky, or an apple-based cocktail from Jim Meehan in New York City, the cocktails that define the American landscape are deliciously diverse. Consider this book your personal cross-country tour of America's most intriguing regional cocktail flavors, traditions and stories.

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fit snugly over a mixing glass, enabling you to strain a cocktail into a glass. Often used in cojunction with a fine-mesh strainer for double straining cocktails. Ice crusher: Available in both electric and hand-crank versions, these handy little machines are useful if you frequently need larger quantities of crushed ice. Jigger: A tool used to measure liquid for cocktails. A jigger holds 1½ ounces. Measuring glass: A small glass used for measuring out cocktail ingredients. Look for one with

Wassail is a deeply rooted tradition in the Midwest and a popular regional staple throughout the cold-weather season. Every winter as the holidays approach, many Wisconsinites still take part in the age-old “wassailing of apple trees,” a ritual dating back to the fifteenth century that involves sprinkling wassail on apple trees to ensure a strong, healthy harvest and to keep the trees safe from evil spirits. Wassail always blends apples and winter holiday spices, but the sweeteners and spirits

syrup, 19, 135 S Demerara, 134 Sage Lemonade, 29 turbinado, 135 St. Francis, 90 Swizzle Stick Bar, 27 St. Louis Southside, 71 Syrups Saké agave, 133 Mint Apple Crisp, 57 Demerara Syrup, 70 Murasaki Geisha, 107 Felicia’s Comfort Syrup, 51 nigori, 134 Ginger Syrup, 46 Salt, 89 honey, 49, 103, 134 Sanctuaria, 71 Kringle Syrup, 73 Sauced, 31 Lavender Syrup, 116 Schiller, Benjamin, 69 Prickly Pear Syrup, 91 Scola, Luis, 85 Raspberry

cheesecloth-lined strainer to remove any smaller bits of fat. Using a funnel, pour the bacon-infused bourbon into the original bourbon bottle and store in a cool, dark place. T H E A M E R I C A N C O C K TA I L 36 SOUTH LA VIDA NARANJA SE Meyer lemons thrive in the subtropical Louisiana climate, and they make the perfect ingredient for citrus-forward cocktails. With less acidity than traditional lemons and a sweet, concentrated lemon flavor, juicy Meyers (which are believed to be a cross

Laird’s applejack, which has been made in nearby New Jersey since the 1700s. Then he sweetens the mix with pure maple syrup, one of the state’s biggest crops. Instead of adding traditional spices, he uses sweet vermouth and Averna, an Italian amaro, to give the drink aromatic complexity.   2 ounces applejack 1 ounce sweet vermouth 1 ounce Averna RV E S 1 TOOLS BARSPOON GL ASS MUG GARNISH 1-INCH-BY2-INCH PIECE OF LEMON PEEL 1 teaspoon Grade B maple syrup (see Tip) 3 ounces hot water ÅÅ

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