Africa in Global Politics in the Twenty-First Century: A Pan-African Perspective

Africa in Global Politics in the Twenty-First Century: A Pan-African Perspective

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In the twenty-first century, Africa has become an important source of US energy imports and the world's natural resources. It has also become the epicentre of the world's deadly health epidemic, HIV/AIDS, and one of the battlegrounds in the fight against terrorism. Africa is now a major player in global affairs.

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illicit modes of accumulation such as theft, drugs, wildlife poaching and trade, guns etc. Moreover, should the state structures of the region continue to experience declines in effectiveness and legitimacy, this process will continue to be marked by increasing resort to private “protection rackets— both legitimate and illegitimate.”41 After all, South African corporations such as Anglo-American Corporation have had longstanding holdings and investments throughout the region, while white settlers

essential and important mineral that is used chiefly for magnetic alloys. Of all the Africa’s strategic minerals, the most exploited by Western Europe and North America is uranium, which has acquired prominence in the world community, particularly in this age of nuclear proliferation. Uranium has been mostly exploited in Namibia, South Africa, Congo, Niger Republic, and Republic of Chad. For a long time, uranium in South Africa was extracted mostly as a byproduct from the country’s gold mines,

suggested that “the United States will not provide much needed helicopters to a struggling United Nations-African Union peacekeeping mission in Darfur because U.S. forces are stretched too thin in Iraq and Afghanistan.”67 10.1057/9780230623903 - Africa in Global Politics in the Twenty-First Century, Olayiwola Abegunrin 128 Africa in Global Politics Depedency, Imperialism, and Problems of Underdevelopment That the legacy of Africa’s domination, economic exploitations, and humiliation for many

race followed by universal disarmament; 3. Opposition to Great Powers military bases and foreign troops on the soil of other nations in the context of Great Power conflicts and colonial and racist suppression; 4. The Universality, and the strengthening of the efficacy of the U.N.; and 5. The struggle for economic and mutual cooperation on the basis of equality and mutual benefit, “peace, security and human survival.”90 Peace, security, including stability and development cannot be separated

Rhodesia), Namibia, the former Portuguese colonies of Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Sao Tome and Principe, and Cape Verde Island, and the white minority-ruled South Africa.29 The Liberation Committee set up a Liberation Fund to receive contributions and donations from African, and extra-African States for distribution among liberation groups recognized by the OAU. It not only mediated in conflicts and raise morale among freedom fighters; it also provided a forum to keep the issue of African

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