A Double Scotch: How Chivas Regal and The Glenlivet Became Global Icons

A Double Scotch: How Chivas Regal and The Glenlivet Became Global Icons

F. Paul Pacult

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 0471662712

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A Double Scotch tells the intertwined success stories of Chivas Regal and The Glenlivet—two Scotch whisky brands recognized the world-over for their unparalleled quality. Founded by Scottish grocers from Aberdeen, Chivas Regal stands as the world’s most popular prestige blended Scotch. First distilled by a pistol-packing Highlander, The Glenlivet is today the top-selling single-malt Scotch in America. F. Paul Pacult explores these two iconic spirits and tells the remarkable story of the two families who endured numerous hardships to build their brands. A business book that goes down easy, A Double Scotch tells the story of the world’s favorite whiskies, and the story of the nation and families that made them so.

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day. James IV had his own stash of peculiar interests that involved distillation. He owned a keen attraction for anything having to do with alchemy, medicine, and surgical procedures. The King needed copious amounts of aqua vitae for the experiments in which he attempted to locate and then produce through distillation the so-called fifth essence, aka the mysterious “ether.” Alchemists, clerics, and mystics alike believed that the fifth essence was of celestial, or heavenly, origin. Accordingly,

on a local level, this populist skill and pastime would, over time, blossom into the powerful industry whose present influence reverberates around the globe because of brands like Chivas Regal and The Glenlivet. The Thynge That Puryfyes the Grosse Hieronymous Braunschweig’s early sixteenth-century statement concerning distillation is as flawlessly precise as it is beautifully succinct. Distillation above all else is a purification process. At its most rudimentary level, distillation is the

farmer and distiller, Minmore, which event took place in his dwelling-house on the afternoon of Monday last. Deceased was only a few days confined to his room, and the cause of his death was no lingering disease. Nature was exhausted at his patriarchal age, and he passed out of the world with tranquility and Christian resignation, surrounded by his sorrowing family.” While the international recognition of stature as a legendary master distiller was secure, George Smith had proved to be a man of

originally submitted by George and John Gordon in 1870, stood as applied for and that only they without qualification could legally identify their malt whisky as “The Glenlivet.” Also to their benefit, all legal proceedings challenging that application were thereby dropped. Such a Character as the Late Mr. Smith 151 Andrew Usher & Company agreed to start labeling Old Vatted Glenlivet as “A Blend of Glenlivet and other whiskies,” therefore capitulating to the argument made by other merchants

understatement. What James and John Chivas founded in terms of retail excellence and inventory depth was taken to the next level by the succeeding generation. The two Alecs took Chivas Brothers to the world. Ally and Dotty Though little documentation exists, the few remaining scraps of information suggest that Alexander Chivas met Alyce Macaulay in the winter or spring of 1890. Ally (Alexander) and Dotty (Alyce), as the couple came to be known among their circle of friends, announced their

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