A Burnt-Out Case (Classic, 20th-Century, Penguin)

A Burnt-Out Case (Classic, 20th-Century, Penguin)

Graham Greene

Language: English

Pages: 208

ISBN: 0140185399

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Querry, a world-famous architect, is the victim of a terrible attack of indifference: he no longer finds meaning in art or pleasure in life. Arriving anonymously at a Congo leper village, he is diagnosed as the mental equivalent of a "burnt-out case", a leper who has gone through a stage of mutilation. However, as Querry loses himself in work for the lepers his disease of mind slowly approaches a cure. Then the white community finds out who Querry is...

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that’s all. There’s nothing I can do.’ ‘It seems a waste of talent.’ ‘I have no talent.’ Rycker said, ‘You mustn’t despise us poor provincials.’ When they had gone into dinner, and after Rycker had said a short grace, Querry’s hostess spoke again. She said, ‘I hope you will be comfortable,’ and, ‘Do you care for salad?’ Her fair hair was streaked and darkened with sweat and he saw her eyes widen with apprehension when a black-and-white moth, with the wing-spread of a bat, swooped across the

Catholic.’ ‘If I sign a form I call myself a Catholic too. So does he. I believe in nothing most of the time. He half believes in Christ and half believes in Nzambi. There’s not much difference between us as far as Catholicism is concerned. I only wish I were as good a man.’ ‘Will he really die tomorrow?’ ‘I think so. They have a wonderful knack of knowing.’ In the dispensary a leper with bandaged feet stood waiting with a small boy in her arms. Every rib in the child’s body showed. It was

hand upon my pulse and Querry’s eyes gazing into mine. Then I sensed the great mystery.”’ ‘Do you really enjoy this stuff?’ Querry asked. He sat up impatiently on his bed. ‘I have read many lives of saints that were far worse written,’ Father Thomas said. ‘Style is not everything. The man’s intentions are sound. Perhaps you are not the best judge. He goes on, “It was from Querry’s lips that I learned the meaning of the mystery. Though Querry spoke to me as perhaps he had never spoken to another

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sit any longer in the sunlight he joined the doctor at the hospital or the dispensary, and when that was over half the day had safely gone. He no longer felt nausea from anything he saw, and the bottle of ether was not required. After a month he spoke to the doctor. ‘You are very short-handed, aren’t you, for dealing with eight hundred people?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘If I could be of any use to you – I know I am not trained . . .’ ‘You will be leaving soon, won’t you?’ ‘I have no plans.’ ‘Have you any

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